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8:00                Check-in and pick up materials

8:30-9:40        Welcome and overview 
                       Karey Windbiel-Rojas, UC Statewide IPM Program

  • Introduction to UC IPM
  • Concepts of Integrated Pest Management
  • Overview of schedule and logistic
  • Interactive Pre-training Survey

9:45-10:55      Session 1*

11:00-12:10    Session 2*

12:10-1:00      Lunch

1:00-2:10        Session 3*

2:15-3:15        Wrap up and survey 

  • Interactive Post-training Survey

3:15                 Adjourn


*Session topics:

  • Vegetable insect pests – Diagnosis and identification of common insect pests found in vegetable gardens and recommended IPM solutions. Presenter: Dr. Siavash Taravati, Area IPM Advisor
  • Abiotic disorders and vegetable diseases - Diagnosis and identification of common abiotic disorders of vegetable crops, vegetable diseases, and recommendations for sound integrated pest management solutions. Presenter: Dr. Alex Putman, Cooperative Extension Plant Pathology Specialist
  • Vertebrate pests - Diagnosis of damage and solutions for vertebrate pests of vegetable gardens. Presenter: Dr. Niamh Quinn, Human-Wildlife Interactions Advisor