Links to Report Suspected Infestation and More Information

Report infested palms at:

General information on palm trees and their insect pests:

Common palm diseases in California, and distinguishing them from SAPW infestations:

Detailed summary of SAPW facts, life history, and potential damage:

Detailed directions to diagnose, monitor, and trap SAPW and treat or remove palms:

UCCE Feature Story - SAPW: Experts Warn of Palm Killing Weevil
(includes videos and workshop recordings):

What is happening to my Canary Island Date Palm?
by DeLayne Harmon, UCCE San Diego County Master Gardener

Detection, Trapping and
Monitoring Protocols

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Webinars and Trainings

View the Fall 2020 Invasive Tree and Forest Pest webinar on South American Palm weevil, presented by Dr. Mark Hoddle. 

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