Sonoma County Food Recovery Coalition
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Sonoma County Food Recovery Coalition

About the Sonoma County Food Recovery Coalition

The Sonoma County Food Recovery Coalition (SCFRC) is a group of non-profit organizations, government agencies and individuals who are dedicated to creating a community where food is shared equitably and where there is a deeper understanding of the valuable resources that go into producing our food.  SCFRC's vision for Sonoma County is to reduce food waste for greater community connectedness and resilience.  We strive to reinvigorate the sharing ethic and strengthen community connections through:

  • Educating and fostering learning
  • Reducing food waste
  • Increasing food recovery
  • Better nourishing our community

Our individual members include:

  • Phina Borgeson
  • Elizabeth Esparza
  • Annie Stuart
  • Wendy Krupnick

And our member organizations include: 

crop mobster
Farm to Pantry
Sonoma County waste management agency
Petaluma BOUNTY
Sonoma Food Runners1
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