University of California


  • Southern California, for the purpose of this group, “Southern California” is defined as Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties.  However, we acknowledge that wildlife does not recognize regional borders and therefore we will remain flexible and open.  In the future, the group may expand to also include San Luis Obispo, Kern, San Bernardino, Ventura, Riverside and Imperial Counties.


  • Wildlife is defined as any native or non-native vertebrate that resides in southern California.  This includes feral companion animals. Although this council will primarily discuss urban wildlife, we understand the effects of urbanization on wilderness populations and will also discuss these conflicts.


  • Management, for the purpose of this council, will refer to the management of damage causing and disease carrying wildlife, and wildlife of other public health concerns.  Management can be indirect through sanitation and habitat management and may be direct through trapping and the use of toxic baits. This council will strive to discuss and implement integrated and ecologically based management systems.


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