Feeding My Interest in Science

Oct 13, 2010

Posted by Luana Xiong, 14, Merced County, CA, on October 5, 2010 at 10:37 AM

My name is Luana Xiong. I am 14 years old and part of Merced County 4-H in California. I have been in 4-H for five years. Some of the projects I do in 4-H include photography and arts and crafts, but the one part of 4-H that I absolutely love is science.

National Youth Science Day has become an important aspect of 4-H. It has created so many opportunities for youth to learn about science and learn about 4-H. I have had the enjoyment of experiencing National Youth Science Day for the past two years. I have led and conducted both experiments each year. My goal out of leading these experiments was to pass my knowledge to others. This year I do not plan on taking the lead in the experiment 4-H2O, but I do plan on participating this year and learning more. My county plans on holding the event during National 4-H week.

I am interested because I love science and getting to learn anything about science is a great opportunity for me because I want to go into a science career.  I want to become a cardiovascular surgeon so that I can help people.  I chose this career because I have an interest in hearts and how they work.  It fascinates me very much.  I also want to be a doctor because of my culture. I am Hmong and the elderly Hmong people don’t really understand science or medical problems. I want to be the person who understands the culture, but also the science that is involved when they are sick.

Luana Xiong

Science is complicated and easy to understand at the same time, but it is also there to explain events. I think science is very important for youth to learn about because they should know that it affects them every single day and that they also affect science.  Science is what keeps our feet to the ground and creates the possible discoveries for cures.

I just happen to love science a lot. My brain seems to always be starving for knowledge.

By Mandi Bottoms
Author - Healthy Living Academic Coordinator