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What is a Countywide Project?

One countywide project offered in San Joaquin county is shooting sports
Some project leaders choose to open their project to all current San Joaquin 4-H members instead of restricting it to members of their community club; these are referred to as "countywide projects".

Countywide projects are structured in the same way as "normal" projects.  They must offer at least 6 hours of educational content presented at pre-scheduled meetings, be overseen by at least one adult 4-H volunteer, offer leadership opportunities to youth, and members must enroll in the project on 4hOnline.

To enroll in a countywide project, the member should contact the project leader and confirm that there is room for them and to confirm any time/money commitments that it may require.  Once the youth is sure that they want to join, the project leader will instruct them how to add the project on 4hOnline.

2018-2019 Countywide Projects


Project Name Description Meeting Timeline Contact Person


This project partners with the Mid Valley Bee Keepers Association to teach members about keeping bee hives. Fall to summer.

Debbi Foster


Shooting Sports:

Archery, Shotgun & Rifle

Members age 9-19 learn about the safe use of recreational firearms.







Lucinda Suttle


Leadership Development:

County Ambassador Team

4-Hers ages 14-19 can apply for this special leadership team, which plays a key role in creating and supporting our countywide programs. Meets all year, times decided by County Ambassadors and their Advisor.

Emma Fete


Leadership Development: Summer Camp Junior Counselor

Our 5-day summer camp program is planned and implemented by this team of trained Junior Counselors who are 14-19 years old. Three Sunday afternoons between March and May.

Robert Alberti


Leadership Development: AgTech Day Camp Counselor

Our day camp programs use trained teens to teach kids science in a fun way! Late spring and early summer.

Ariel Clay




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