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Club Leadership Roles

A youth officer team presides over a club meeting
Each 4-H club depends on a dedicated group of youth members and adult volunteers.  One of the foundations of 4-H is the concept of youth-adult partnerships, which is the idea that positive youth development happens most effectively when youth and caring adults work together as equals to plan and implement programming.  Each age group brings its own strengths and challenges to the table!

Youth in the club can act as Officers or Junior/Teen Leaders.  Officers are responsible for running club meetings and functions, while Junior/Teen Leaders take leadership roles in the projects offered by the club.

Adults take a variety roles in the club, usually with one or more youth working in partnership with them.


Before the club year begins, the community club leader, the officer advisor, and the officers meet together to complete the following tasks:

  • Review the duties of each officer. Please refer to the 4-H Officers' Manual (2013).
  • Set annual club goals for membership, programs, and community service.
  • Develop a year-long club program calendar.
  • Plan the club budget.
  • Help youth and adults complete enrollment paperwork.

At each club meeting, the community club leader and officers:

  • Work as a team to set-up and clean-up the meeting area.
  • Greet guests, members, and leaders as they arrive.
  • Help new or younger members become acquainted with 4-H terms.
  • Lead the meeting using an agenda and take minutes.
  • Organize recreational activities.

At the end of the year, club members and officers should:

  • Complete the end of the year reports.  
  • Meet with the officer advisor to evaluate their year.
  • Hold elections for next year's officers.
  • It is highly recommended that each officer complete a 4-H Online Record Book (ORB) or a "traditional" paper record book and submit it for Club judging.  At the very least, officers should complete a  Leadership Development Record in order to receive credit for their leadership role.


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