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Adult Roles

4-H Youth

Volunteers, parents, and other adults are a valued and essential part of the 4-H program and have a profound impact on the life trajectory of 4-H members. Adult 4-H volunteers are appointed by the county 4-H office after completing the necessary volunteer application steps

Parents and adults helping in the 4-H Youth Development Program are encouraged to be respectful of youth and adult leaders. Although the club's youth members should make the club's decisions, adult leaders should serve as advisors, project leaders, resource providers, and youth coaches.

Parents are encouraged to attend meetings and participate in club activities and events. Adults should also support their child’s efforts by providing resources and supplies for projects, encouraging youth leadership, and, if necessary, facilitating the planning process.  All adults are expected to follow the Adult Code of Conduct.

Volunteers serve in a variety of roles in a 4-H club:

  • Adult volunteer helping a youth member with a computer project
    4-H Community Club Leader
     - Provides administrative support for the 4-H clubs.  They work with the County 4-H Office to ensure that the club is following 4-H policy and that the membership is aware of all the opportunities they can participate in.  They also work closely with the Officer Team.
  • Project or Program VolunteersHave expertise in particular areas which they teach to participants, parents/guardians, or special interest groups.  The most common manifestation of this role is leading a specific 4-H project with the help of Junior and Teen Leaders.
  • Other Adult Volunteers - Help with transportation, management, or recruitment. They may also serve as elected or appointed officers or committee members for the 4-H County Council.

Adult volunteers are also encouraged to take leadership roles beyond the club level, such as:

  • 4-H volunteer and youth doing community service
    Activity or Event Volunteers
     - Provide leadership within a specific, short-term event or activity. These volunteers work with 4-H members to make preparations for the activity, advertise and provide resources to the membership in advance, and coordinate the activity or community event.
  • Key Leaders and Advisors - These volunteers provide support to 4-H members and volunteers in a certain project area.  For example, the Leadership Development Key Leader could provide advice and resources to a new club's officer team, or the All Star Advisor is the adult partner for the county-level youth leadership team. 

For more information about any of these county-level roles, contact the County 4-H Office or visit the 4-H County Council page.