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Aloe Hybrid Breeding Project for California and Tissue Culture Production of Selected Plants for Sale

Brian Kemble, Curator, The Ruth Bancroft Garden

Walker Young, Assistant Curator, The Ruth Bancroft Garden

Randy Baldwin, Owner, San Marcos Growers

Ernest Sandoval, Curator, Botanical Conservatory

Requested: $25,000
Awarded: $4,417

Project Summary:

This project seeks to develop new aloe hybrids to encourage the transition to more water-conserving garden plants and to expand the range of climate-appropriate plants available for California gardens. We propose to take five aloe hybrids created by Brian Kemble over the last 35 years, and test them in three microclimates at TRBG for a year. These hybrids differ from the bulk of recent introductions. Many fine aloe hybrids have come out of South Africa in recent years, but these come from the summer rainfall region, and focus on flowers alone. Aloes from southern California have focused on miniatures with unusual leaves. This project focuses on landscape-worthy hybrids suited for California’s Mediterranean climate. 

Data collected will be used to determine how well the hybrids perform. Results will be used to put the top performers into tissue culture for introduction into commercial use. Hybrids under study will be noted with signage for the public, and desirable features highlighted in an accompanying brochure and on TRBG website. Results will be reported to horticultural experts through the website and in three horticultural journals. This project will result in up to 5 new striking, desirable, and hardy aloes available for California landscape use.   

The Ruth Bancroft Garden Proposal



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