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Mission, Vision, Values


  • To extend and enhance delivery of information in Spanish to California's Spanish-speaking communities for their use and benefit.
  • To assist ANR personnel in meeting their Spanish-language training, communications and outreach needs.
  • To educate the Spanish-speaking communities in California about the Division's research and work, and to report to Division personnel about the changing demographics and characteristics of the Latino population in California.


To empower ANR to better serve the Spanish-speaking communities in California and to be one of the Spanish-language media's preferred sources for news and information.

ANR's Spanish Broadcast & Media Services strives to carry out its mission and attain its goals while guided by these core values:

Excellence, Quality and Accuracy
Demonstrate expertise. Consistently strive for the best possible results. Aim for continued improvement. Be willing to have written materials reviewed by original authors or competent reviewers. Aim for correct use of Spanish in our work. Demonstrate Spanish-language sensitivity, knowledge and expertise.

Provide accurate, relevant and up-to-date information. Be proactive when meeting an informational need.

Accessibility, Reliability and Responsiveness
Equal access to programs and services. Accurate and consistent information. Timely responses and information.

Treat all with dignity - Value the time, needs and concerns of others. Value and respect the work of the writers/translators, and give them credit for their work.

Innovation and Creativity
Use expertise creatively - Explore and welcome change

Collaborate - Share a common purpose and vision - Value individual contributions - Understand that none of us is as smart as all of us -- Celebrate shared successes -
Together Everyone Achieves More