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Outdoor Hog Production


UCCE Advisors and Specialists write many papers summarizing research projects, monitoring procedures, and general management practices.  All papers are peer-reviewed, meaning before they can be published, another set of people within the University review to ensure the papers are scientifically valid and not someone’s opinion.  Here you will find free publications (available as a PDF) from the University of California, as well as links to larger publications you may purchase, each with a summary.  In addition, each of the publications are available at your local UC Cooperative Extension office for your convenience. 


Pest Notes: Wild Pigs

Information on wild pigs, which are not native to North America includes life cycles, impacts, and management.  Impacts from wild pigs have been conservatively documented at $1.5 billion dollars nationally, thus creating a great need to manage them to reduce damages.  This publication details all management options available to control wild pigs on ranches in California. Click here for full text.

Outdoor Hog Production

Outdoor hog production, typically referred to as “pasture pork”, can be a niche market for some operations, but also comes with concerns to safeguard natural resources. This three part publication details outdoor hog production including considerations for housing, site selection, feeding, pasture management, farrowing and manure management to safeguard natural resources and producing a safe, healthy product.

Outdoor Hog Production Part 1 

Outdoor Hog Production Part 2

Outdoor Hog Production Part 3

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