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UCCE Advisors and Specialists write many papers summarizing research projects, monitoring procedures, and general management practices.  All papers are peer-reviewed, meaning before they can be published, another set of people within the University review to ensure the papers are scientifically valid and not someone’s opinion.  Here you will find free publications (available as a PDF) from the University of California, as well as links to larger publications you may purchase, each with a summary.  In addition, each of the publications are available at your local UC Cooperative Extension office for your convenience. 

Sediment Delivery Inventory

This easy-to-use worksheet and photographic record method gives any landowner a simple way to monitor streamside erosion and waterway sediment data for use in land management decisions or to demonstrate compliance with water quality standards. Click here for full text.

Visual Assessment of Riparian Health

Guide to a standardized method for assessing the condition of riparian areas, for landowners, managers, and resource professionals. This assessment was field tested in California systems using established national, visual assessments by NRCS and EPA. Color photos help provide examples for the user.  Data sheets are available for both high gradient and low gradient streams. Click here for full text.

Guidelines for Monitoring the Establishment of Riparian Pastures

It takes skill and careful study for a rangeland owner to determine the success of a newly established riparian grazing area. This monitoring document outlines methods that will assess current riparian conditions and quantify changes in a riparian area under new management. The monitoring plan outlined here is fairly involved and requires some technical expertise, and for that reason this publication is intended for those with technical experience in rangeland management, specifically UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE) advisors, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), U.S. Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management staff, and professional rangeland managers. A secondary audience of land owners and managers can benefit from this information if they are willing to invest time and effort into learning the necessary tools. Blank forms are provided to be copied and used in the field. Click here for full text.


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