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Film and Photography Festival


Photo Film Fest May 23,2020

Entries Due online: May 20, 2020


Judging: May 23, 2020

Award Ceremony: TBD

Please Disregard the rules that apply to in person submission. DUE TO COVID-19 the contest has been made ENTIRELY virtual. ALL PHOTOS MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH THE ENTRY.

Awards will be mailed out after the contest

Festival Judging:

-The film portion of the festival will be a “People’s Choice” event.
-The Danish Judging System is used for the photography competition. 4-H members 9-19 years of age will compete within their age division for
Gold, Blue, or Red. All Gold winners will be continue forward for Best of Division and Best of Show. Primary will get "People's Choice" awards.
-Everyone will receive a color seal on their judging evaluation sheet of what they have won. All Gold winners will receive a Photography pin
for their 4-H Hat. The Best of Division winners and The Best of Show winner will receive a Ribbon and a Photography pin for their 4-H Hat.
Judging Criteria: Photograph entries for members 9-19 of age will be judged in the following areas:

FOCUS: Adjustment of the distance setting on a lens to appropriately define the subject. Standard: Main subject in focus, unless blurriness is
obviously intentional (ex: to show motion).

EXPOSURE: The overall brightness and contrast in the photo. Standard: A range of light-to-dark contrast, not over or under exposed, unless it is
obviously intended.

COMPOSITION: Placement of the subject in the photo demonstrating artistic ability. Standard: A pleasing balance exists among all components of
the composition (ex: Rule of Thirds).

CREATIVITY USE OF SUBJECT: The photograph uses the subject to deliver a message in a creative way. Standard: The subject can be easily identified
by viewers, and captured in a creative way. Photograph not over cluttered with many subjects.

UNIQUENESS: Use of originality, camera angle, lighting, character studies, and/or creativity. Standard: The photographer exhibits creativity
throughout the photograph.

SIZE REQUIREMENTS: Print and matte board size. Standard: Did the photographer follow the competition rules by using the correct size

INFORMATION ON BACK: Required information on back of matte board. Standard: All the required information listed in the competition rules
found on the back of the entry; clear and legible.

MOUNTING: Photograph print is placed on a mount/mat board for display. Mount/matte board color should be selected based on the photograph.
Does not distract viewer from photograph. Mount board should be clean and have smooth cut edges.

Suggested method for mounting: Spray Adhesive Technique.

Standard: Photograph is mounted straight and proper.

Photograph must stay mounted on its board and not fall while on