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Film and Photography Festival


Film Festival Entry & Rules

Film Registration Form: 


Film Information:

Video link be submitted and video must be uploaded to YouTube by March 11, 2019

Film Categories:

  • Live Action
  • Stopmotion/Claymotion
  • Animation
  • Documentary
  • 4-H

Film Rules:

1. Videos must fit the categories described above.
2. Video length may not exceed 5 minutes.
3. Make sure your video is in good taste (similar to G and PG ratings). The videos will be reviewed before the event by Robin Siefkin. Videos may be
disqualified if deemed to have questionable content.
4. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube. Provide link in registration form. Video must be public or accessible via URL.
(How to upload onto YouTube):
5. Video links must be submitted by the deadline date through the online registration form.
6. Please upload video(s) several days before you intend to submit your registration form.


Photo Festival Entry & Rules

Photography Registration Form: 

Photo Information:

Photograph Drop Off: NO LATER than 4pm on Thursday, March 14, 2019 (County Office is available for drop-off from 8:30am-4pm)

Photograph Pick up: 12:00-1:00 PM or at the Stanislaus County 4-H Office.

All photographs should be picked up at the end of the day.

Award seals will be given at the award ceremony at the end of the event.

Photo Categories:

  • Landscape/Seascape
  • Animals
  • Still Life
  • Portrait
  • Photoshop/Dramatic Editing
  • 4-H

Photo Rules:

1. Photographs must fit the categories described above.
2. Photographs must be mounted on a photograph mount/matte board or foam board. Maximum board size is 11” x 14”.
3. Photographs (the print itself) must be at least 8” x 10”. (Photographs entered by Primary members may be as small as 5” by 7”, with matte board
size of 8” x 10”)
4. Framed photographs (or photographs covered by glass) will NOT be accepted. A double mount board does not classify as framed.
5. The following information must be written on the back of the matte board for each photograph entered:
a. 4-H member’s name; b. Title of photograph; c. Category photo is entered under (must match online registration form); d. Age category
of 4-H member (age on Dec. 31, 2018)--Primary/Junior/Intermediate/Senior; e. Date and location the photograph was taken; f. 4-H
Club/Unit, and contact information (email, phone, address)
6. Online submissions of photographs will NOT be judged. Photographs must be physically brought to the Stanislaus County 4-H office by Thursday
March 14th by 4 pm. The member does not have to be present at the contest to participate.
7. Photos can be taken by either digital cameras, cell phones or by cameras using film.
8. Photographs may be either developed by the member or professionally developed.
9. Photographs can be printed via a photo printer with a high DPI or at a professional printing service.
10. Digital enhancements to photographs are not allowed, other than in the category Photoshop/Dramatic Editing (excluding cropping, brightness).
--Competition entries that do not follow the rules above are subject to be marked down on their score or not accepted at all.

Film and Photography Festival

Photography Festival Flyer 2019 PDF

Register online by Monday, March 11, 2019. Links to films and image files of photographs need to be submitted by 10pm (PST) on Monday, March 11, 2019.

Festival Judging:

-The film portion of the festival will be a “People’s Choice” event.
-The Danish Judging System is used for the photography competition. 4-H members 9-19 years of age will compete within their age division for
Gold, Blue, or Red. All Gold winners will be continue forward for Best of Division and Best of Show. Primary will get "People's Choice" awards.
-Everyone will receive a color seal on their judging evaluation sheet of what they have won. All Gold winners will receive a Photography pin
for their 4-H Hat. The Best of Division winners and The Best of Show winner will receive a Ribbon and a Photography pin for their 4-H Hat.
Judging Criteria: Photograph entries for members 9-19 of age will be judged in the following areas:

FOCUS: Adjustment of the distance setting on a lens to appropriately define the subject. Standard: Main subject in focus, unless blurriness is
obviously intentional (ex: to show motion).

EXPOSURE: The overall brightness and contrast in the photo. Standard: A range of light-to-dark contrast, not over or under exposed, unless it is
obviously intended.

COMPOSITION: Placement of the subject in the photo demonstrating artistic ability. Standard: A pleasing balance exists among all components of
the composition (ex: Rule of Thirds).

CREATIVITY USE OF SUBJECT: The photograph uses the subject to deliver a message in a creative way. Standard: The subject can be easily identified
by viewers, and captured in a creative way. Photograph not over cluttered with many subjects.

UNIQUENESS: Use of originality, camera angle, lighting, character studies, and/or creativity. Standard: The photographer exhibits creativity
throughout the photograph.

SIZE REQUIREMENTS: Print and matte board size. Standard: Did the photographer follow the competition rules by using the correct size

INFORMATION ON BACK: Required information on back of matte board. Standard: All the required information listed in the competition rules
found on the back of the entry; clear and legible.

MOUNTING: Photograph print is placed on a mount/mat board for display. Mount/matte board color should be selected based on the photograph.
Does not distract viewer from photograph. Mount board should be clean and have smooth cut edges. Suggested method for mounting: Spray
Adhesive Technique. Standard: Photograph is mounted straight and proper. Photograph must stay mounted on its board and not fall while on

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