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Treasurer Information

Resources for Treasurers and Links to Forms Discussed at the Treasurer Training

Treasurer Training Powerpoint

Treasurer Presentation

For you monthly ledger, use this MS Excel file which is customized for Stanislaus County

Click here for Treasurer Ledger

This MS Excel file has been programed to do the math for your monthly report and transfer the numbers to the Annual Financial Report summary page.  The information on the Annual Financial Report page is needed for the State report which is entered on the web.

What is required for your Treasurer's Book?

Scoring Form for Treasurer Book:   Treasurer Book Check Sheet
Also check Treasurer Guidelines for tips and recommended policies.

Annual Report Form and Treasurer's Books (due August 1st)

Excel version: Annual Financial Reports Annual Financial Report--Electronic Version
PDF version: You don't have Excel, use this form for your report: Annual Financial Report--Print a blank form

Please use this one and DO NOT use the Annual form on the State website or the Treasurer's handbook because we need fundraiser information.  This report is also automatically generated if you use the "Treasurer Excel file with math formulas" at the top of this page.

Auditing - New Form

Each club must annually audit the Treasurer's records.  The review team should be comprised of two or more people with at least one over 18 years of age.  Committee members should not include the treasurer, relatives of the treasurer, or anyone who has authority to sign checks.  The review team should attach Form 8.5 Peer Review Report and Form 8.6 "Peer Review Checklist," found on page 47-48 of the Treasurer's manual and submit with the Treasurer's book to the County office (due August 1st). You can download the form here:   Peer Review and Checklist

Entering Report on State Website

Clubs must enter their Annual Financial Report into the State 4-H website.  Here is what to do:  go to the State 4-H Financial Reporting web page, click here. Choose Stanislaus County then find your club on the drop down menu and enter the password which enter you will be assigned (Site goes live July 1st). Just fill out the fields on the report page, submit and print a copy to keep with your treasurer book. 

Other Useful Links

Link to the Treasurer's Manual (2014) (Large pdf file):  Click Here

Information for the Adult Treasurer Advisor:  Adult Volunteer Treasurer Checklist

End of year Club Audit --  Peer Review and Checklist

Club Budget Club Budget Form 8.3   or Club Budget in Excel

Checking Balance Tool

Check Book Balancing/Bank Reconciliation Tool #2

Club Fundraiser Form  Fundraiser Form 8.7

Club Inventory Club Inventory Form 6.2

Club Sub Accounts Sub-Account Ledger Form 8.2

Form 8.9 Club Check Request

Form 8.10 Missing Receipt

State 4-H Financial Policies: Chapter 9-Financial Management

Contact JoAnn Ratto, Program Representative, for questions about your Treasurer Book or to report errors on any links.  jbratto@ucanr.edu