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Stanislaus County 4-H Clubs

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Click Club Name for Projects Contact Person Contact Information Meeting Location Meeting Time
Ceres Jennifer Hill (209)537-0977 
Stanislaus County Ag Center, Modesto 2nd Tuesday, 6:30 PM
Chatom Angel Toste  (209)345-7207 
Chatom Elementary School Gym, Turlock 2nd Thursday, 6:30 PM
Community Cultivators JoLynn DiGrazia


Westside Ministries, Turlock 3rd Tuesday, every other month, 7 PM
Empire Cory Conner (209)622-8499 or  Stroud Elementary School, Empire 2nd Monday, 6:30 PM
Foothill Kathy Machado (209)531-6371 
Hickman School, Hickman 2nd Monday, 6:00 PM
Hughson Dave Woody


Hughson High School, Hughson 2nd Wednesday, 7 PM
Kiernan Klovers Amy Crabtree (209)571-1246 
Beard Elementary School, Modesto 2nd Tuesday, 7 PM
Newman Theresa Drumonde 


Orestimba High School Library, Newman

1st Wednesday, 6:30pm

Orange Blossom Shara Ruddy


Knights Ferry Community Center, Knights Ferry 2nd Monday, 7 PM
Patterson Lisa Coble


15724 Ash Avenue Patterson, CA 3rd Tuesday, 6 PM
River Oaks Jennifer Chapin (209)581-4106 
Oakdale Youth Building, Oakdale 2nd Tuesday, 6:30 PM
Sacred Heart Sandy Newsome (209)667-8599 
Sacred Heart School Cafeteria, Turlock 2nd Monday, 6:00 PM
Shiloh Marika Morrison (209)605-5755 
Paradise Elementary School, Modesto 2nd Monday, 7 PM
Shooting Stars Annette Jackson

Stanislaus County Ag Center, Modesto Selected Fridays, 9:30 AM-5:00 PM
Sierra Cavan Bruederle (209)670-5208 
Oakdale Grange Hall, Oakdale 2nd Monday, 7 PM
Turlock Eagles Nancy Mayer (209)417-9151
Gym @ Monte Vista Chapel, Turlock 2nd Monday, 6:30 PM
Turlock Hoof-n-Horns  Erica Park (209)667-5847 
Gratton Elementary School, Denair 2nd Tuesday, 7 PM
Valley Home Amy Alongi


Valley Home School, Valley Home 2nd Tuesday, 7 PM
Audrey Chavez


Westley Firehouse, Westley 2nd Tuesday, 6pm
Waterford Jeannette Zaborsky (209)988-1365 

Waterford Community Center,

2nd Monday, 7 PM

Rebecca Milligan


Westport Elementary Cafeteria, Modesto 1st Wednesday, 7 PM
Wood Colony Rachelle Fisher

(209)499-9176 or 

Hart Ransom School Multipurpose Room, Modesto 2nd Tuesday, 6:30 PM


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