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Club Officer Information

Congratulations on being elected a club officer. This is a very important leadership role. You and the other club officers, the officer advisor, and the community club leader will be role models for the other club members and leaders. Take your role seriously, be honest and fair, do the best job you can, and you will succeed.

As an officer, you will manage the planning and implementation of the club's programs and business. You will be a guardian of the club's legal, financial, social, and educational responsibilities. Officers are responsible for ensuring that the club is inclusive and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or disability. Learn and act upon the duties of your office.

Officer Responsibilities (click here )

  • Be an active member of the board of officers.
  • Attend officer executive board meetings.
  • Attend club meetings and activities.
  • Lead in planning meetings and events.
  • Give your opinion on issues, but also listen to what others have to say.
  • Actively represent 4-H in your community.
  • Let the officer advisor know if you are not able to attend a meeting.


Planning the Club Year--Before the club year begins, the community club leader, the officer advisor, and the officers meet together to complete the following tasks:

  • Review the duties of each officer
  • Set annual club goals for membership, programs, and community service
  • Develop a year-long club program calendar
  • Plan the club budget


At Club Meetings

  • Work as a team to set up and clean up the meeting area.
  • Greet guests, members, and leaders as they arrive.
  • Offer help when needed. Help new or younger members become acquainted with 4-H terms. Give all reports to the community club leader.


Club Secretary Information and Tips
As a club secretary, you have an important job to document what happens at your club meetings.  Your minutes are a permanent document for your club and will be used to refer to when there are issues involving decisions your members have made. If you have a separate attendance secretary, records and documents from each officer are added to one secretary book to be submitted to the County Office at the end of the year.


End of Year Requirements for Secretary Books (Due August 3rd)

Information for Secretary
You will find forms for meeting agendas, meeting minutes, meeting planner, annual planner, and 4-H Outreach Documentation in the Officer forms file (you can modify them as long as the information is included)


End of Year Requirements for Treasurers (Due August 3rd)
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Information for Treasurers