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Secretary Information

Club Secretary Information and Tips
As club secretary, you have an important job to document what happens at your club meetings.  Your minutes are a permanent document for your club and will be used to refer to when there are issues involving decisions your members have made If you have a separate attendance secretary, records and documents from each officer are added to one secretary book to be sumitted to the County Office at the end of the year.    


End of Year Requirements for Secretary Books (Due August 1st)--

Secretary Info:    Secretary Book Directions

Secretary Job Description:   Secretary Types

Check Sheet for Secretary Book:  Secretary Book Check Sheet

You will find forms you need for your Secretary Book listed below. (You can modify them as long as the information is included.)

Meeting Agenda
Club Minutes
Sample Minutes
Annual Club Planner
Meeting Planner
Outreach Documentation

The Attendance Sheet, List of Club Officers and List of Leaders is also part of the Secretary Book.  

Attendance Sheet-Sample
Club Officers-Sample
Leader List-Sample