Winners of the 2023 UC Master Gardener Photo Contest

Sep 18, 2023

Winners of the 2023 UC Master Gardener Photo Contest

Sep 18, 2023

In the 2023 UC Master Gardener Photo Contest, the diverse talents of UC Master Gardeners from across the state were vividly displayed. From delving deep into the richness of the soil and crafting native landscape paradises to nurturing our communities, it was fun to witness the perspectives through which they view the garden This year, the contest drew 822 incredible submissions, garnering thousands of votes, With great excitement, we present the first, second, and third-place winners from each category.

Lovely Landscapes:

Lovely Landscapes

1st Place "Lovely Old Japanese Maple" by Michele Rugo, Nevada County

2nd Place "Along the Garden Path" by Mary Smith, Fresno County

3rd Place "Native Plants Are Beautiful" by Lisa Stahr, Sonoma County


Garden Lessons:

Garden Lessons

1st Place "I love soil!" by Yolanda Silva, Alameda County

2nd Place "Monarch Caterpillar on Milkweed" by Donna Hauser, El Dorado County

3rd Place "How Many Pollinators Can You Find?" by Cynda Vyas, Marin County


Get Growing:

Get Growing

1st Place "Looking for a snack/The perfect seed pod" by Vincent Mcgrath, San Diego County

2nd Place "Costa's Hummingbird and California Hummingbird Sage" by Daniel Horner, Mariposa County

3rd Place "Early Morning Dew" by Cadence Baron, San Diego County


Garden Fails: 

Garden Fails

1st Place "Darn Rabbit!" by Judy Hobbs, El Dorado County

2nd Place "Armeria Maritima, Odie's Favorite Plant" by Diana Blasingame, Sacramento County

3rd Place "This garlic crop is mine, all mine" by Kathy Hellesen, Sacramento County


Garden Bounty:

Garden Bounty

1st Place "And the land keeps giving" by Yana Maloney, San Mateo - San Francisco Counties

2nd Place "The harvest has started" by Kim Evans, Placer County

3rd Place "Summer Backyard Bounty" by Michele Rugo, Nevada County


Vote for the "Gardener's Choice" Award 

As we celebrate all of our talented photographers, there's one more opportunity to vote! The “Gardener's Choice” award is for the favorite among the first-place winners across all categories. It's an opportunity to select the top gem from the five first-place winners. We invite everyone to participate in this final voting phase, helping us crown the standout image. Cast your vote and be a part of selecting the "Gardener's Choice!" Voting is open from Sept. 16 - Oct. 5, the “Gardener's Choice” winner will be announced at the closing plenary session at the 2023 UC Master Gardener Conference.