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Sharing Best Practices (Under construction)

The SI Innovation hub highlights examples of good practice within UC ANR.

Who does it well?

Examples of good practice.

Materials to help you do it too.


Help us help you. Send suggestions on topics, "skill gurus", examples of good practice and/or simple practical resource materials or links.  


Examples of success

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social media

         Blogs and Twitter




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Before developing a new skill or communication channel .....



  There are lots of tools to help you communicate.

  Before investing time, ask yourself

"Who is your audience and how do they get their information?"

"Can I feed my information through an existing channel?"



Social Media - Blogs and Twitter




Who does it well? Rose Hayden-Smith ; Susie KocherFaith Kearns ; Theresa Becchetti

Examples of good practice.

Note: People often integrate Twitter, Facebook etc. with a blog.

- Raising awareness and sharing information and stories.

  • Blog: Food Observer (Rose Hayden Smith) > 1 m impressions with the associated Twitter.


- Using Twitter, etc. to drive people to content


  • UC Rangeland (Theresa Becchetti) While currently not a large number of users, it demonstrates a promising way to get users directly to relevant content.

Need indications of Subscribers? Shares? Hits? etc.

 Materials to help you do it too.  Pending development (Rose H-S)


  Social media is an area where (depending on your audience) you should definitely consider feeding your information through an existing social media initiative.



Field Days


Who does it well? Brad Hanson plus many others

Examples of good practice. UC Weed Field Day

Materials to help you do it too. WSARE

Field Day Check list (UC ANR)



Who does it well? Steve Elliott

Examples of good practice. Examples

Materials to help you do it too. Link




Who does it well? UC IPM ; David Doll

Examples of good practice.


Materials to help you do it too.

  • Manual for developing an on-line repository



Who does it well? Steve Elliott; Petr Kosina; Ray Lucas ; Rachel Elkins

Examples of good practice.


Materials to help you do it too.

  • Key: Meet an interest, have useful information, be easily discoverable.
  • Take better Videos Fact sheet
  • Videos 101 short manual





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