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Transgenic Animal Research Conference (TARC) XIII - Virtual Event

Mon-Thurs, August 9-12, 2021, 9 AM-12 Noon PT
Online Webinar via Zoom

Coordinated by  
UC Davis Animal Science
Cooperative Extension, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

This is a biannual international conference hosted by UC Davis focused on current developments on the genetic engineering and gene editing of livestock, poultry and fish. The virtual conference will consist of 6 talks per day with Q&A.

  • August 9th – Technology
  • August 10th- Agricultural Applications
  • August 11th – Biomedical Applications
  • August 12th – Regulatory Considerations

See here for the full agenda

Objective: To bring together attendees from academia, industry and government for the dissemination of the latest science-based information on the use of gene biotechnologies in livestock, poultry and fish and to foster interactions with and education of governmental regulators and the general public.

Intended audience: Scientists working in the fields of genetic engineering and gene editing in agricultural species, federal regulators and livestock producers

Interested in submitting a student poster and presentation?
See the competition page for more details.

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