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Transgenic Animal Research Conference (TARC) XIII - Virtual Event

Mon-Thurs, August 9-12, 2021, 9 AM-12 Noon PT
Online Webinar via Zoom

Coordinated by  
UC Davis Animal Science

Cooperative Extension, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

This is a biannual international conference hosted by UC Davis focused on current developments on the genetic engineering and gene editing of livestock, poultry and fish. The virtual conference consisted of 6 talks per day with Q&A.

  • August 9th – Technology
  • August 10th- Agricultural Applications
  • August 11th – Biomedical Applications
  • August 12th – Regulatory Considerations

See here for the full agenda

Objective: To bring together attendees from academia, industry and government for the dissemination of the latest science-based information on the use of gene biotechnologies in livestock, poultry and fish and to foster interactions with and education of governmental regulators and the general public.

Intended audience: Scientists working in the fields of genetic engineering and gene editing in agricultural species, federal regulators and livestock producers

Thank you for attending TARC XIII!

TARC XIV is tentatively scheduled for August 13-17 in Granlibakken, Tahoe City, CA

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