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Lab & Field Safety

Safety Training Record Form

Link to the Thompson Lab safety training record form. This form includes a checklist of all the lab and field safety training topics for work and study in the Thompson Lab (see me to find out which topics you need to cover for your project).  Links to training materials for these topics are located below.

Lab Safety Training Files

Emergency Action Plan - WFCB Emergency Action and Evacuation Guide

Staying Healthy in the Vivarium page (includes personal hygiene in the workplace)

Zoonosis information by species (click on Fish link for diseases associated with fish)

Hand washing (things you probably learned in kindergarten but may have forgotten!)

SafetyNets pages

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Databases

Link to Center for Disease Control (CDC) page on latex allergy

Hazard Analysis Tool

Link to UC Davis Safety Services' Hazard Analysis Tool (for assessment of risks associated with working with different animal species).

Field Safety Training Files

UC Davis Heat Illness Prevention Procedures Manual (esp. page 2)

Links to pages on:

Black bears (CDFG brochures)

Cryptosporidium (CDC)

Giardia (CDC)

Hantavirus (CDC)

Hypothermia (CDC)

Lightning (National Weather Service)

Lyme disease (CDC)

Mountain lions (CDFG brochure)

Poison oak (CDC)

West Nile virus (CDC)

Valley fever (PubMed Health)

Venomous snakes (CDC)

Volunteer Information Form

UC Davis Volunteer Form (for Worker's Compensation eligibility)

UC Davis Safety Policy and Procedures Manual

About the PPM

Safety Management Program (includes IIPP - Injury and Illness Prevention Program), Section 290-15

Ergonomics Program, Section 290-16

Health Services for Individuals Having Animal Contact, Section 290-25

Hazardous Substances Communication Program, Section 290-27

Care and Use of Animals in Research and Teaching, Section 290-30

Protective Clothing and Equipment, Section 290-50

Chemical Safety, Section 290-56

Hazardous Chemical Use, Storage, Transportation, and Disposal, Section 290-65

Electrical Safety, Section 290-85

Fire Safety, Section 390-40

Work Related Injury Form

Work Related Injury Form (for WFCB supervisors)

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