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         by Diane Miller

Microgreens DSC07741
Microgreens seem to be the new “in” thing for restaurants, cafes, farmers markets and home gardens. They are young vegetable seedlings grown and harvested just after the cotyledon leaves (an embryonic leaf in seed-bearing plants) have developed. They are baby plants.  These   seedlings are aromatic, nutritious and filled with flavor. Microgreens contain all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidant properties that full-grown vegetables contain, but are grown in a much smaller space and time than an outdoor garden. Some more popular varieties are wheatgrass, broccoli, cilantro, radish and cabbage.

Microgreens are so easy to grow with adequate light and moisture. You need a container, a few inches in depth, a planting medium like soil or coir (fibrous material from coconuts) and your desired seeds.  Your container can be any shallow container from a reused fast food container to a purchased plexiglass tray. I use a plexiglass tray as I enjoy seeing the very first signs of life when the roots start to reach out. 

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