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Cobwebs and Decorations for Halloween
         by Julie Silva     

Has it been so long since the last time you opened your front door that it looks like the cobwebbed set from a scary movie?  Life during a pandemic is strange.  The holidays are quickly approaching and normal is an achievement we should all try to grab.  Halloween and fall décor are a “two-fer” where you may decorate two for the price of one. Decorations are a solid reminder of our traditions and community involvement.  Even without the little ghosts and goblins with candy breath, your home may still provide a picturesque look for Halloween night.

Pumpkins are the number one fall or Halloween decoration.  Removing the slimy orange goo and carving faces has been a childhood treat since Ichabod Crane borrowed one as a replacement for his noggin – even long before that in Ireland.  Pumpkins have evolved from the orange slimy stuff.  If they are not sliced open, they have an amazingly long shelf life.  Pumpkins may be painted, bedazzled, dressed in ribbons or buttons, stacked, and congregated on steps like census takers.  Pumpkins now come in many colors, even more shapes, and have warts on tops of warts.  For gardeners, pumpkins represent the belief of hope just because they take a long time to grow and need lots of garden space.  If last spring you opted for hope then you probably grew Cinderellas (Rouge Vif d’Estampes) or the green striped Carnival.  Your choice in pumpkins says a lot about your Halloween spirit.

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