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My Seasonal Lawn


My Seasonal Lawn

By Jim Bliss

Living in the mountains creates some interesting problems. Two of the biggest are fire and frost. If you combine these two with the limited water we have available in California, it paints a pretty grim picture. The question for me as a gardener and home owner is what steps I can take to help make life more sustainable for all of us who have grown to love the life we have here in our mountain communities. We have all seen articles on clearing around our property to protect ourselves from the wildfires that have become so prevalent in the last few years. And the government is constantly passing new water restrictions. But what can I do personally to make a difference?

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by Becky Miller-Cripps

In a conversation with my photographer son, we marveled at the indigenous and endemic—existing only in this area—plant species in California. He has camped and backpacked through Sequoia/Kings Canyon (Seki) National Park, amazed at the giant trees.

Sequoiadendron giganteum, the largest trees in the world, grow only in a narrow band along the western side of the north/central Sierra Nevada as far south as Tulare County. Coast redwoods, Sequoia sempervirens, grow only in foggy climates along the northern California and Oregon coast, or where there is sufficient summer rain.

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