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A monthly newsletter published by the UCCE Tuolumne County Master Gardener program, full of announcements and calendar events, information and happenings.

UCCE Tuolumne County Master Gardener Newsletter Articles Type Date Added
July 2011 - Over the Garden Gate

Announcements; President's Message: Step Up!; Calendar; Information Booth FAQ's; New Blood; CNPS Native Plant Seminar; Coordinator's Corner; Sharing the knowledge

PDF 7/8/11
January, 2011 - It's a New Year!

Announcements; President's Message: Water!; Calendar; Master Gardener  Hours; Meet Your Fellow Master Gardener: Francie; Sunshine; Coordinator's Corner; Community Workshops

PDF 12/27/10
November/December 2010: Getting Ready for the Holidays

Announcements; President's Message: Thunderstorms; Calendar; Coordinator's Corner: Changes, Changes; Library Holiday Auction; Meet Your Fellow Master Gardener: Shirley; Sharing the Knowledge: Book Orders; On the Road: Wetlands

PDF 11/2/10
October 2010: Is It Still Summer?

President's Message: "Well" Wishes; Calendar; Rock Garden Special Event; On the Road: Yellowstone National Park; PlantRight Spring Nursery Survey; Meet Your Fellow Master Gardener: Sherrin

PDF 9/30/10
September 2010: Winds of Change Announcements, President's Message, Sunshine, Calendar, Book Reviews: New Books, Recertification, Changes Blowing on the Wind, Advanced Training: Landscape Trees and Diseases, Great River Clean-Up PDF 9/30/10
August 2010: A New Look Announcements; President's Message: Grasshoppers; Calendar; Coordinator's Corner: Newsletter; Upcoming Events; Master Gardeners on the Road: Colorado PDF 7/29/10
July 2010: It's Summer Announcements; President's Message: Annual Awards; Meeting Schedule; Calendar: July, August & September; Farmers' Market Season: Sonora; Fair Triangle Work Day; Master Gardeners on the Road: Tucson, AZ; Coordinator's Corner: Recertification; Have You Read?; Thinking Safe and Green: Heat Illness PDF 7/1/10
June, 2010: Water, Lawns, Kids' Gardens & Styrofoam President's Message: Lots of Rain but Not Enough Water!; Calendar: Lots of Volunteer Opportunities; Humor: God's Thoughts on Lawns; Kids' Day in the Demo Garden; S.O.S.--Save Our Styrofoam PDF 5/26/10
May 2010: Projects Projects, Announcements, President's Message: Livestock & Oaks, Calendar, Farmers' Market Season, 15th Annual Spring Garden Tour, Sunshine, Join the Discussion: What's Your Specialty? PDF 4/29/10
April, 2010: Is It Spring?

Announcements, President's Message: Spring Babies, Calendar, Meet Your Fellow Master Gardener: Dona, Sierra Rock Garden Society Garden Tour & Plant Sale, Sunshine Gardener, Coordinator's Corner: Foothill-Friendly Gardening Seminar

PDF 4/15/10
March, 2010: Sustainability

Announcements, President's Message, Calendar, Home & Garden Show 2010, Sunshine Gardener, Meet Your Fellow Master Gardener, 2nd Annual Grow Your Own Food Event, Online Continuing Education Classes, Watering while on Vacation, Coordinator's Corner: Sustainable Landscape Training

PDF 2/26/10
February, 2010: Not Time to Plant Yet

Announcements, President's Message: Robins, Calendar, Meet Your Fellow Master Gardener: Linda, Master Gardeners on the Road: Washington's Rain Forest

PDF 4/15/10
January 2010: A New Year

Announcements and Calendar Dates, President's Message: "Snow Day," Demonstration Garden: "Kids' (Holi)-Day in the Garden," Book Review: "Gaia's Garden," Meet Your Fellow Master Gardener, Master Gardeners on the Road: "Washington State," and Coordinator's Corner: "S.O.S. Save Our Styrofoam"

PDF 7/29/10