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Representative Advisor and Campus Committees

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Representative Committee Chairs


Academic Coordinators: Kim Ingram and Tunyalee Martin

Advisors: Devii Rao

Academics Multiple Titles: Annemiek Schilder

UC Berkeley Specialists: Susana Matias

UC Davis Specialists: Jackson Gross and Daniel Geisseler

UC Riverside Specialists: Ashraf Al-Kereamy


Duties of these representative committees:

A) Provide input to the Council reflecting and addressing the concerns of the Assembly.

B) Meet, discuss and recommend action to be taken by the Council.

C) Provide input to administration on issues of regional, campus, and statewide concern.

D) Provide continuity to Council membership.

E) Monitor Council actions and the standing committees to ensure that they are addressing the main concerns of their constituents.

F) Encourage membership to actively participate in Council activities including awards and recognition programs.

G) Serve as an ombudsman facilitating communications between the Council and the members of their group.

H) Provide a pool for membership in special and ad hoc committees of the Council.

I) Keep Assembly members informed of all the activities of the Council.

J) Representative committees shall meet together prior to each council meeting.

Policy and Procedures Handbook of the Academic Assembly Council Representative Committees, July 25, 2008 Representative_Committee_Handbooksv3