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Information on small grain production, variety trials and pest management. Includes wheat, corn, safflower, barley.

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Crop Pollination Workshop Scheduled (50KB)

A Crop Pollination Workshop will be held on Friday, October 11th from 8:30am to noon in Norton Hall, UCCE Office, 70 Cottonwood Street in Woodland.  Two Continuing Education credits have been approved for attending.  There is no pre-registration necessary to attend.  Please see the attached agenda for details.   

PDF 9/27/13
September 20, 2013 (589KB)


The recent news about the brown marmorated stink bug (http://ucanr.org/?blogpost=11487&blogasset=60503) is good information on this new pest to our area.

PDF 9/20/13
2012 Small Grains Cultivar Assessment Tables (300KB)

updated tables for 2012

PDF 11/14/12
October 2012 (194KB)

*Small Grain Cultivars and Regional Trial Discussions
*Grain Protein Enhancement Trial
*Kent is retiring!  Please join us for an Open House in his honor:
   Date: 10-30-2012
   Time: 4pm-6pm
   Location: Norton Hall, 70 Cottonwood Street, Woodland, CA 95695

PDF 10/16/12
April 2012 (205KB)

UC Davis Small Grains / Alfalfa Meeting
Wednesday, May 9, 2012
8am-3:45pm, Lunch provided

*Wheat Crop Conditions
*Prevalent Small Grain Diseases
*2011 Grain Corn Research Results

PDF 4/27/12
September 16, 2011 (502KB)

*2011 Small Grain Trial Results*
*Falling Numbers*
*Yield vs. Test Weight and Protein*
*Small Grain Cultivars*
*Regional Trial Discussions*
*Small Grain Meeting 9/22/11 8am*

PDF 9/16/11
May 25, 2011 (545KB)

*What happened to the wheat in Sacramento?*The good news for the rest of the wheat crop*Small Grain field meetings*New corn season - grain corn trial locations*Weed Science School 2011 and Weed Day 2011 Registration*

PDF 5/25/11
February 2011 (293KB)
  • Local Wheat Crop Status
  • Ag Roundtable Meeting
  • New Horizons for Conservation Cropping in California - Conference
PDF 2/10/11
September 2010 *2010 Small Grain Growing Season* *2010 Small Grain Research Trial Results* *So. Sac. Valley Small Grains Meeting* *Infield Smartphone soil app with GPS* PDF  
December 2008 *Office Notes*2008 Corn Variety Trials Results and Data*California Weed Science Society Meeting Announcement* PDF  
September 2008 *Small Grains Research Results and Data* *Small Grains Meeting Announcement* PDF  
March 2008 2008 Wheat Info and Trial Locations Wheat Mid-Season N Management Corn Seed Treat for Wireworm - Results Double Cropping Equipment Needs PDF  
September 2006 2006 Wheat Trial Results 2006 Wheat Fungicide Trials 2006 Barley Trial Results So. Sac. Valley Small Grains Meeting Announcement Conservation Tillage Meeting Announcement PDF  
September 15, 2005 - No Till Corn Production Field Day - 2005 South Sacramento Valley Small Grains Meeting - 2005 South Sacramento Valley Wheat Variety Trials Over- Location Analysis - 2005 Oat Variety Trial PDF  
January 2005 * Grain Corn Seed Treatment for Wireworm * Post Emergence Herbicide Trial * No-till Roundup Ready Grain Corn Trial-Solano * Conventional Grain Corn Variety Trial-Yolo Co. * Conventional Grain Corn Variety Trial-Tyler Island * Post Emergence Herbicide Trial * Spanish Supervisory Skills Workshop PDF  
October 2004 *What's Up With Wheat? *Wheat Trial Results *Falling Number Results *UCD Barley Trial Results PDF  
April 26, 2004 In this issue: *Wheat Field Meetings Near You *Stripe Rust Update *Aphids in Wheat *Listing of Corn Trials PDF  
January 2004 In this Issue: Corn Growers Meeting 2004 UCD Corn Variety Trial 2003 Mello Corn Variety Trial-Tyler Island 2003 Safflower Variety Trial 2003 PDF  
September 2003 In this issue: Selecting the Right Wheat Wheat Variety Trial Results Wheat Meeting 2003 Woodland CA Alfalfa & Forage Symposium 2003 Monterey PDF  
March 2003 In This Issue: Early Wheat Crop Wheat Trial Locations 2002 Field Corn Variety Trial Results Note from Rick Landon, Ag Commissioner Corn Head Smut Update Corn Stunt Found Safflower Variety Trial Results. PDF  
February 2002 In this issue: Lodging Wheat Problem Septoria Showing Up in Wheat 2001 Field Corn Variety Trial Results Problems Planting Safflower Early Important News Bits PDF  
September 2001 In this issue: Agronomic Crops Farm Advisor Transition 2000 to 2001 Wheat Trial Results UC Yolo Regional Common Wheat Trial Results South Sacramento Valley Small Grains Meeting Announcement Important News Bits PDF  
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