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Urban Agriculture

Farm/Garden Design

Organic strawberry field in urban Orange County incorporates flowers to attract beneficial insects.
Designing urban agriculture space so that it will use water efficiently, avoid costly soil remediation, attract beneficial insects, and maximize space can greatly influence a farm or garden’s production potential. The following resources provide information on farm and garden design.


Design and Planning. When expanding or starting an urban farm or garden, it is helpful to create a site plan that considers slopes, sun exposure, water drainage and sources, and soil quality.

San Francisco Urban Agriculture Alliance (SFUAA)

UC Davis
Raised bed and irrigation at Treasure Island Job Corps Farm, San Francisco.
Raised Bed Construction. Many urban farms or gardens use raised beds to avoid costly soil remediation, to extend growing seasons, or to help with pest management. The following are resources provide information about bed dimensions and construction.
Texas A&M Extension
University of Missouri Extension
Alabama Cooperative Extension System
Attracting Beneficials and Enhancing Native Habitat. Make sure your garden or farm is attracting pollinators and natural pest enemies.
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