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Urban Coyote Symposium

Urban Coyote Symposium
held during the 27th Vertebrate Pest Conference, March 9, 2016, Newport Beach, CA


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Update on a Database of Coyotes Attacks on Humans, 1970-2015
Rex O. Baker, Cal Poly-Pomona; and Robert M. Timm, Univ. of California - ANR

Dealing with the Issue of Urban Coyote - One County's Experience
Jim Hartman, Los Angeles County, Dept. of Agriculture, Arcadia, CA

An Examination of Citizen-Provided Coyote Reports: Temporal and Spatial Patterns and Their Implications for Management of Human-Coyote Conflicts
Niamh Quinn, University of California Cooperative Extension, Irvine, CA

Coyotes in the City: Results from a Pilot Study of GPS-Collared Coyotes in Downtown Los Angeles
Justin Brown, National Park Service, Thousand Oaks, CA

How Human Predation Can Shape Coyote Temperament and Implications for Management in Urban Environments
Stewart Breck, USDA National Wildlife Research Ctr., Fort Collins, CO

Food Habits of Coyotes (Canis Iatrans) Along an Urban-Rural Gradient in Alabama
Jim Armstrong, Auburn University, AL

On the Use of Animal Behavior as a Means of Managing Human-Animal Interactions
Valerius Geist, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Question & Answer Session (Morning)
Discussion with Morning Speakers

A National Coyote Database to Aid in Selective Management of Problem Animals
Rob Erickson, On Target A.D.C., Cortland, IL

Urban Coyotes in Arizona: A Ten-Year Review
David L. Bergman, USDA Wildlife Services, Phoenix, AZ

A Balanced Approach to the Adaptive Management of Urban Coyotes: Integrating Geospecific Behavior Density with Human Dimensions for Establishing Targeted Management Implementation Threshold Levels
Randy Farrar, USDA Wildlife Services, Advance, MO

Using Coyote Hazing at the Community Level to Change Coyote Behavior and Reduce Human-Coyote Conflict in Urban Environments
Mary Ann Bonnell, Jefferson County Open Space District, Colorado

Successful Management in Problem Coyotes in the Chicago Area
Rob Erickson, On Target A.D.C., Cortland, IL

The Problematic Trend of Pseudo-Science Dictating Urban Coyote Management Policy
Sean Brady
, Michel & Associates, P.C., Long Beach, CA

Question & Answer Session (Afternoon)
Discussion with Afternoon Speakers