WRLF 2018
WRLF 2018
WRLF 2018
University of California
WRLF 2018


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Email us at wrlf2018@ucanr.edu

Talk to Event Staff at UC ANR Program Support Unit

Saundra Wais, 530-750-1260
Sherry Cooper, 530-750-1256

WRLF 2018 Steering Committee 

Forum Leader: Paulette Sauln, San Diego County
State Office WRLF Leader: Gemma Miner
Education Chair: JoLynn Miller, Tuolumne County
Youth Track Co-Chairs: Tatiana Woliung, San Diego County, Lauren Henkens, Sacramento County and Amanda Stallman, San Luis Obispo County
Promotions Chair: Ryan Cleland, Siskiyou County
Recreation/Entertainment Chair: Ray Stark, San Diego County
Exhibit Hall/Vendor Chair: vacant
Tech Support Coordinator: John Trammell, San Bernardino County
Culture & Environment Chair: Robin White-Cotton
Transportation Chair: Colleen Tschumperlin, San Diego County
Sponsorships Chair: Colleen Tschumperlin, San Diego County
2015-16 State Ambassadors: Jordan Miner

Webmaster Email: slcooper@ucanr.edu