WRLF 2018
WRLF 2018
WRLF 2018
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WRLF 2018

Education Sessions 2

State Council Round Table

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Friday 215-330
Does your state have a state volunteer council or management board? (Note that these groups often include youth.) Join this roundtable discussion led by the chair and vice chair of the California 4-H Management Board to learn from one another. Participants will share successes, mistakes, ideas, and more in small and large group discussions. Our goal is for everyone to take away new ideas and fresh perspectives to improve their organizations and continue growing their own state 4-H programs. There is virtually no cross-talk among these groups from different states, and WRLF is the perfect opportunity to facilitate it. We expect participants to learn ways to increase their group's efficacy, reach, and impact.
Curtis Ullerich

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