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Research Publications


A Commercialization Strategy for Carbon-Negative Energy Thermochemical conversion of biomass to produce electricity and fuel with carbon capture and sequestration can offer large-scale carbon-negative energy.
Paying for Forest Health: Improving the Economics of Forest Restoration and Biomass Power in California Report examining possible methods of improving forest restoration economics for bioenergy development.
Biomass Enables Transition to Carbon-Negative Power System Across Western North America Study of how deploying bioenergy with carbon capture and sequestrations can result in a net reduction of atmospheric carbon.
Characterization of the Woody Biomass Feedstock Potential Resulting from California's Drought Study combines aerial survey data with forest structure maps to quantify biomass generated by mass tree death due to drought from 2012-2017.
Forest Resource Sustainability in Placer County Review of fuels reduction and biomass projects undertaken in Placer County.
Moving Beyond Incineration: Putting Residues from California Forest Management and Restoration to Good Use 2019 report from The Sierra Club examining the use of residual woody material for purposes besides electricity generation.
Fire and Fire Surrogate Study Long-term study funded by the USDI-USDA Joint Fire Science Program.
Fuel Reduction Projects in Sensitive Areas and on Steep Slope USFS
HFRD Results Presentation Presented at the California Society of American Foresters Winter Meeting, January 2017
Useful Tips for Treating Forest, Woodland, and Shrubland Vegetation USFS GTR 381
The Effects of Forest Fuel Reduction Research report from Stephens et al.
Drought, Tree Mortality, and Wildfire in Forests Adapted to Frequent Fire Research report from Stephens et al.
Behavior and Effects of Prescribed Fire in Masticated Fuelbeds
Study funded through Joint Fire Science Program
Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Masticated Surface Fuels
USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station GTR 370
Masticating Fuel Prescribed Fire Vegetative Effects
Fire Science Brief from Joint Fire Science Program on fire effects of fuel treatment
Ground-Based Thinning on Steep Slopes
Soil effects monitoring of mechanical treatment on steep slopes in Western Oregon
Theoretical Stability and Traction of Tethered Feller-Bunchers Research report from Sessions et al.
Constraints on Mechanized Treatment Landscape analysis by North et al., modeling extent of potential mechanized treatment area under USFS guidelines and policy limitations.
Masticated Fuels & Fire Behavior in Forests of the Interior West Joint Fire Science Program Final Report