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California Forest Products and Biomass Power Plant Map


  Welcome to the interactive map of California Forest Products and Biomass Power Plant facilities. We maintain current information on capacity, development, and status of facilities accepting feedstock from California wood resources. On this page you will find an interactive map and summary table of wood intake facilities. We also provide a variety of print-ready maps and raw data for download with assistance from the USFS.

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Raw Data


Download Power Plant Table
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Raw Data of the information provided above
Download Wood Processing Table
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Raw Data of the information provided above

Printable Maps



UCCE Biopower map from California Agriculture UCCE map reviewing trends and issues for California's biomass power plants Q1 2012
California Wood Products Primary Processing and Biomass Energy Facilities Print-ready USFS map of existing wood utilization facilities throughout California Q2 2018
California National Forest Biomass Flow Print-ready USFS map of forest biomass generated from federal lands Q4 2017
California Primary Processing Facilities Exclusive of Biomass and Mulch Print-ready USFS map of existing  wood utilization facilities excluding Biomass Q4 2017

Biopower with FRAP Fire Threat
(All Facilities)
(Operational Facilities ONLY)

Operational biomass power plants with 33 mile sourcing buffer overlaid on FRAP fire threat regions Q2 2015
BioRAM and BioMAT Facilities

Suitable National Forest Lands located within BioRAM and BioMAt Facility Facility Woodbaskets

Q3 2017

 The data presented here is collected from multiple sources including the California Biomass Collaborative, California Energy Commission, California Public Utilities Commission, California Forestry Association, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Biomass Power Association, California Biomass Energy Alliance, California Energy Almanac, University of Montana, and individual facilities. Information is updated as available and managed by the Woody Biomass Utilization Program at the University of California, Berkeley Canter for Forestry with partial funding provided by US Forest Service Region 5. We appreciate the feedback and input from Tad Mason and Fred Tornatore at TSS Consultants and Rob Williams from UC Davis/California Biomass Collaborative. 

User to verify all information. May contain errors and omissions. Please reference UC Berkeley Woody Biomass Utilization Group if you use this data.

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