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    Woody biomass is an important fuel source in today's developing renewable energy market. Understanding the 3 e’s, “environmental, engineering, and economic” are crucial considerations for developing and utilizing the full capacity of this resource.

   In October and November of 2013, the Woody Biomass Utilization Group at the University of California, Berkeley and UC Cooperative Extension conducted a series of workshops across the state to provide information on existing woody bioenergy markets, conversion technologies, and development opportunities for new bioenergy ventures. The workshops were held throughout the state of California in Merced, Chester, and Eureka.

   The focus of the workshop series was on exploring the expansion of woody biomass power generation at the community level. With several recent California policy initiatives (Senate Bill 1122, Assembly Bill 32), incentives for small-scale, forest-based bioenergy opportunities are available that may help meet California's demand for stable, renewable electricity and heat. With this workshop series we provided information and facilitated discussions to help forge partnerships and articulate a vision for the future role of woody bioenergy in forest restoration and management at the regional scale. Information from a variety of experts and community leaders was presented at each workshop, including specific details related to each workshop location.

   Any comments or suggestions on the workshop/field tour from attendees are greatly appreciated. online evaluation

Workshop Sponsors


Hayfork Watershed Research and Training Center

Institute for Sustainable Forestry

Pacific Gas and Electric

Schatz Energy Research Center

Sierra Institute for Community and Environment

Sierra Nevada Conservancy

US Forest Service Region 5

Yosemite Sequoia Resource Conservation and Development Council


Steering Committee

John Shelly — UC Berkeley

Peter Tittmann — UC Berkeley

Bruce Goines — US Forest Service Region 5

Larry Swan — US Forest Service Region 5

David Lewis — Pacific Gas and Electric

Kim Carr — Sierra Nevada Conservancy

Nick Goulette — Watershed Research and Training Center

Tad Mason — TSS Consultants

Scott Olson — Black and Veatch

Doug Wickizer — CalFire

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