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Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center EHS

Emergency Action Plan

Emergency Notification /911 Calls

Employees need to know what to do when they are the first person to discover an emergency and when they are alerted to a specific emergency.

If you are the first person to discover an emergency:

  1. Your first priority should always be your own safety
  2. Dispense first aid if needed
  3. Call 911 to activate the Emergency Medical System (EMS) if deemed necessary.

When you call 911 to report an emergency, provide the 911 operator with the following information:

  • Address: 9240 S. Riverbend, tell them we are between Manning & Dinuba.
  • Location on facility (building, field)
  • Brief description of the emergency
  • Your name and phone number

DO NOT hang up until the operator tells you to do so

  1. Immediately notify the receptionists at 646-6500 and 646-6000
  2. Notify your supervisor.
  3. Direct Fire/EMS to incident

Assigned employees need to be dispersed to the front gate and the entrance door of the building where the incident has occurred. In the event of an incident in a remote building or field an employee needs to be at the front gate in a vehicle to guide the responders to the incident.

Emergency Escape Procedures and Assignments
The following guidelines apply to all emergency evacuations:

No employee is permitted to re-enter the building until advised by the incident commander and only after determination has been made that such re-entry is safe.

As a matter of general practice, stairwells are the primary means for evacuation. The elevator is to be used only when authorized by a fire or police officer, or to assist physically disabled personnel.

Evacuation Assembly and Reporting

Immediately upon evacuation all personnel are to meet on the north side of Building 114 in the gravel parking area.  This is to ensure that all personnel have been accounted for and that emergency crews have full access to the emergency area.

Once each evacuated group of employees have reached the evacuation assembly area located at the gravel parking area north of Building 114 the designated department/lab evacuation representative shall:

  1. Takes roll of his or her group
  2. Makes sure all persons in their group are accounted for
  3. Reports into the central checkpoint at the assembly area
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