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Pesticide Application Notification Procedures

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Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center (KARE) has adopted the following Pesticide Application Notification Procedures to establish guidelines that are to be followed whenever a pesticide application is conducted on any field, crop, or commodity on Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center property.

The procedures here establish uniform requirements designed to ensure that notifying and posting notices of pesticide application are communicated to and understood by all affected employees through the use of a Pesticide Information Center and field posting. These requirements also are designed to ensure that procedures are in place to safeguard the health and safety of all employees and contractors of KARE.


Information that must be displayed at the Pesticide Information Center

Application list, which must include:

Timing of Application List Information

Continue to display pesticide-specific information when workers or handlers are on your establishment until:

  • At least 30 days after the restricted-entry interval (REI) expires, or At least 30 days after the end of the application, if there is no restricted-entry interval for the pesticide.


Operating Procedures for Field Site Notices of Pesticide Application

  • If the pesticide labeling requires field posting, treated areas must be posted with approved weatherproof EPA Worker Protection Standard warning signs or approved signs consistent with the requirements of the State or local jurisdiction.
  • Warning signs must be posted just before application, during the REI, and removed within 3 days of the end of the REI.
  • When using posting for notification, field applications must be posted so they can be seen from all points where workers usually enter treated fields.
  • All greenhouse applications require posting at all entrances.

Fields treated with experimental pesticides will be posted at the experimental plot with the words, "Warning-Crop Destruct, Do Not Pick " in accordance with the KARE Agricultural Crop Destruction Procedures.

All contractors working in or near pesticide treated areas must be informed of the facility's policies and procedures, and contractor personnel must be appropriately trained.

Researchers must direct their staff, contractors, and visitors to perform the following:

  • Review and understand the information posted at the Pesticide Information Center before entering any field.

Contact KARE Farm Operations management for additional Restricted Entry Interval (REI) restrictions information before entering a field or plot.

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