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Pesticide Storage

KREC Pesticide Storage

Pesticide Storage Guidelines



For storing all pesticides, flammables  and acids except small working quantities covered by your Chemical Hygiene Plan











The Project Leader is responsible for:

  1. All of his/her group's chemical inventory from receipt to turn-in for disposal
  2. Ensuring that his/her staff are trained
  3. Ensuring that the training is documented


What Do you Need to Do Before I Receive Any Pesticide?

  1. Coordinate adding restricted materials to the KREC permit with KREC Field Ops
  2. Establish and maintain an updated Chemical Inventory System
  3. Schedule storage space with the Specialized Facility Coordinator, Laura Van der Staay,
  4. Coordinate inventory/safety with the KREC Safety Coordinator,Marvin Flores,
  5. What Do I Need to Do Before I Receive an Experimental Use Pesticide?
  6. Get RAC approval
  7. Get the supplier to agree to take back unused chemicals
  8. Provide chemical return procedures
  9. Provide a label, MSDS, or equivalent

What Information do you need to know?

  1. Pesticide name or code number
  2. Physical characteristics
  3. Pesticide type (insecticide, fungicide, etc.)
  4. Target crop
  5. Hazards
  6. Required personal protective equipment
  7. Re-entry interval requirements

What Other Information Do I Need on an Experimental Pesticide?

  1. Expected date of experiment termination
  2. Project Leader's name and phone number
  3. The words "For Experimental Use Only" written on the label

 What Do I Need to Do Before I Receive a Carcinogenic Pesticide/Material?

  1. Obtain Department Chair approval
  2. Complete Safety Protocol, SOP(s) & Disposal Plan
  3. Use Carcinogen Use Number for purchasing Register carcinogen inventory with UCD EH&S & KREC Safety Offices
  4. Apply for use authorization
  5. Train lab personnel
  6. Initiate Medical/Exposure Monitoring
  7. Coordinate with KREC Safety Coordinator A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

 What Do I Need Before I Accept Any Pesticide?  

  1. A full label or equivalent

What Do I Need to Do When I Receive a Pesticide?

  1. Permanently, legibly label the container with:
  2. Project Leader's name and phone number
  3. Date of receipt
  4. Update your chemical Inventor
  5. File a copy of your CIS and MSDS in your files
  6. Post a copy of your CIS and MSDS at your pesticide storage area door

 What Needs to Be Done During Storage of My Pesticide?

  1. All containers need proper labels attached and need to be closed, with labels visible
  2. Need to have secondary containment
  3. Flammables are to be stored in the flammable cabinet
  4. Acids in are to be stored in the acid cabinet
  5. Mitigate/correct spills and cross contamination
  6. Notify Field Ops 48 hours prior to planned application
  7. Notify Field Ops within 24 hours after application
  8. Use according to label unless for an experimental data generating application
  9. Follow your SOPs

How Can I Properly Dispose of Unwanted Pesticides?

  1. Buy only what you need
  2. Do not keep pesticides that "you may use someday"
  3. Coordinate disposal of Pesticides and Containers with the KREC Safety Office
  4. For applications, triple rinse and apply to field, or dispose as hazardous waste
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