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Safety Presentations

The following links are from the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Health and Safety division.  There are PowerPoint presentations and online-line videos. Most can be downloaded.


29 CFR 1926.1101- OSHA's Asbestos Standard for the Construction Industry. OSHA Slide Presentation, (1997), 80 slides

Bloodborne Pathogen

OSHA's Revised Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. OSHA, (2001), 34 slides. Also available as a 1 MB PPT*.

As It Should Be Done: Workplace Precautions Against Bloodborne Pathogens. OSHA Video, (1992), 24 minutes.


Construction Safety: Choice or Chance. OSHA Video, (2000), 15 minutes.

Ground Fault Protection on Construction Sites. OSHA Video, (1982), 14 minutes.

Ergonomic Programs that Work. OSHA Video, (1998), 21 minutes.

Eye, Face and Fall Protection

Eye and Face Protection eTool Presentation Outline. OSHA, (2002), 566 KB PPT*, 27 slides

Fall Protection What's the Fall Distance? OSHA Video, (1998), 22 minutes. OSHA Policy, and Procedure

Powered Industrial Trucks (Forklifts)

Powered Industrial Truck Operator Training Standard. OSHA Slide Presentation, (1997), 64 slides. Also available as a 4 MB PPT*


Introduction to Ionizing Radiation. OSHA, (2001), 5 MB PPT*, 54 slides

Introduction to Ionizing Radiation. OSHA Slide Presentation, (1999), 28 slides.
Non-Ionizing Radiation: Standards and Regulations. OSHA, (2002), 10 MB PPT*, 141 slides.

Safety and Health Program

Elements of an Effective Safety and Health Program. OSHA, (1989), 535 KB PPT*, 20 slides.

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