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Adobe Connect Videos

Upload Videos to Box

Upload Videos to Box


Box File upload and Share


1. Log into Box



2. Use your UC Davis user name and passphrase.



3. Once you are logged click the “Upload” button and select “Files”.



4. Navigate to the location of your saved Adobe Connect Recording. Click your file then click on “Open”.



5. Once your file has finished uploading please preview your video, if you are satisfied with the quality of your video select the “Share” button.



6. The default option is to share the video via a web link. You can restrict others from downloading the file by selecting the gear option above Copy. You can also copy the shared link and email it to others outside the division or use it on a live website. Click on “Send” to send out an email from box.



7. Others will receive an email that looks like the one below.



Download the PDF here:  Box File upload

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