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Adobe Connect Video File Download


To download the file the recording needs to play in “real time” on your computer. That means if your recording is two hours long the recording needs to play for two hours as the file downloads to your computer. To accomplish a successful download, it is best practice to have an extra computer on hand dedicated solely for this task. Please make sure you have a stable internet connection and your ANR portal log in credentials handy.

  • Turn off your screen saver on your computer.
  • Turn off the sleep feature.
  • Open a web browser ie. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, navigate to this site   Please download and install Adobe Flash Player for your browser.
  • After the Flash update navigate to the UCANR Portal site


1.  Log into the portal using your UCANR Portal log in credentials.

Adobe Connect download_Page_1_Image_0001


2.  On the right column under “Conferencing” Click on the text “Login to Adobe Connect”.



3.  Click on the “Meetings” tab that is located right under the UC Davis logo on the upper left hand corner.




4.  The next page will show you a list of all your meetings that you have created and hosted. Click on the name of a meeting.



5.  The next screen you will see is the “Meeting Information” screen. On this page, right above the meeting information bar you will see the word “Recordings. Click on “Recordings”.



6.  The next screen will show you the recording name, recording date and duration. Under the“Actions” tab click on the arrow facing down and select “Make Offline”.



7.  Click the “Next” button on the lower right hand corner.



8.  The default settings are “MP4”. Leave the default option, most programs will work with MP4. Whenyou choose the “Video quality presets” keep in mind the following:
Note: Please use HD and Full HD, it does lead to a larger file size. But this will give you the best video resolution.
9.  Once your selection has been made click on “Proceed with Offline Recording”



10. Next you will receive a screen asking you to save the file. Select your Hard Drive/ Local Disk and save the file to a folder on your local computer.



Download the PDF here:  Adobe Connect download

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