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The Big Event: Hosting a Festival on Your California Farm, a practical guide
This 19-page pdf publication, available for free download, shares experiences and advice from five organizers of California farm festivals of different styles, ages and sizes. The guide includes discussion of the following topics:

  • Permits and regulations
  • Planning your festival
    • Setting goals
    • Planning team
    • Sample planning timeline
    • Managing liability
  • Activities & festival elements
    • Food and drink
    • Entertainment & activities
    • Education
    • Sponsors & collaboration
  • Logistics & safety considerations
    • Parking
    • Staffing
  • Budget template
  • Acknowledgements & resources

Budget template for a farm festival. To use this budget form, adjust the line items to fit your needs and enter numbers that fit your operation into all the yellow-colored squares. As you adjust the numbers in the yellow squares, you will see the bottom line shift.