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Lake County Quilt Barn Trail - A quilt barn square is a traditional quilt block design painted on an 8' x8' wooden panel and hung outside on a building where it can be readily seen. The Lake County Quilt Barn Trail , established in 2010, is the first quilt trail in the Golden State. Pictured here is the Squash Blossom, hung on the Ellis Ranch Barn (constructed in 1887) located on Highway 29 in Lower Lake . Farmers see the barn quilts as a way to get people into the countryside and share the love of the land. Farming families use the barn quilts to memorialize and honor loved ones.

Lake County Vine Trail #1 - Red Hills Terroir Trail is a 1.25 mile trail through vineyards in the Red Hills Appellation with stunning views of Clear Lake, Anderson Marsh wetlands and the north shore ridgelines. The loop begins at either Gregory Graham Winery or Vigilance Vineyards and Winery, and passes through the vineyards. The two wineries constructed and maintain the trail, which is open only when the tasting rooms are open. The trail is part of the Konocti Regional Trails system (KRT). The County of Lake and KRT provide promotional assistance for the trail.

1.2 miles to go Road signs for worried city-folk - Six Sigma Winery tasting room is 1.5 miles off the road, down a gravel driveway that winds through rangeland and vineyards. Potential visitors have been known to turn around after a half mile or so, thinking they're lost. To reassure visitors unfamiliar with the location, Six almost there Sigma people posted some signs along the road, letting people know they're still on the right road, and telling them the distance to the tasting room.