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Virtual Cake Booth

Alameda County 4-H youth programs rely on the 4-H Cake Booth at the Alameda County Fair for all fundraising. With the cancellation of the fair this year due to COVID-19, our 4-H youth program is facing financial risk until now – help us raise $50,000 at the virtual cake booth!

Please lend a hand and click on " I SUPPORT ALAMEDA COUNTY 4-H" and donate through the  California 4-H Foundation  site to contribute to the Alameda County 4-H Cake Booth and sustain this important youth leadership organization.


4-H has changed my life for the better. I have really grown because of it. I am looking forward to a new year in 4-H with new goals challenge myself with, and complete. Evie 13, fifth year in 4-H

When I feel rejected, alone, or just when I am in a fun mood, I turn to 4-H to give me a good time. I feel like 4-H is the most reliable way for a kid to find their spot in the real world. No matter what path this generation chooses, I support our members’ and my own commitments fully. Vered 13, 8th year in 4-H


About Alameda County 4-H

4-H is an organization where young people are given opportunities to build confidence, learn responsibility, and develop skills that will last them a lifetime. It’s an organization where youth make friends and share interests, ranging from building robots to raising rabbits, designing web pages to landscape design. 4-H is where youth work together to make a positive difference in their community, and adult volunteers make a powerful difference in the lives of young people.

For more information about the Alameda County 4-H Youth Development program please complete the form at http://4halameda.ucanr.edu/Contact

You may also contact Rachel Wood at rlwood@ucanr.edu.