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Film & Photo Fest

What Is The Alameda County 4-H Film Fest?

This as an opportunity for 4-H members to practice and celebrate their skills in film-making and photography while also honoring their work in the essence and style of the real Academy Awards!

Filmmakers will be given a period between October thru May to complete a 3-7 minute film feature films or a 30-90 second PSA.

All work will be submitted to a judging panel to be evaluated and winners will be determined by the evaluation teams.

Then on with the show! All submitted films will be screened during the Alameda County 4-H Office hosted Zoom Meeting.  4-H filmmakers, actors and photographers will be announced at the Zoom event and winners will have the chance to share their winning stories.

4-Hers! Don't miss out on this grand event to see yourself on the silver screen! See you at the movies!



We need your skills!

This VIP role will give you the opportunity to interview  the stars and capture the festival highlights!

PLUS: Being a designated "Reporter" for this event can count towards your record books "communications" credits!

Don't miss out on this grand event!


Photography Fest Competition

Photography Fest

Again this year: Photography Fest Competition!

Alameda County 4-H Members may submit up to 2  photographic images, either Color or Black & White and can be of any subject that fits with 4-H guidelines. 

Photographs MUST be pre-registered and files uploaded by 5/8/2020. 

Virtual event: No need to print or mount the photos. Uploaded images from the registration will be used for evaluation and showing. 

Photographs will be scored against a rubrics and will receive certificates based on their award level. Additionally, Best of Class ribbons will be awarded in each age group (Junior, Intermediate, Senior). Any primary entries will receive comment sheets and participation certificates.

Additional Judges Favorite ribbons may be awarded.

Awards will be announced at the Awards Ceremony at Alameda County 4-H Film & Photo Fest Zoom Meeting. Physical awards will be given out at the Alameda County 4-H Awards Ceremony in the fall of 2020


FILM and Film Poster Registration:Film Registration

Photography Competition Registration: Photo Reg

Event Chair: Looking for 2021 Film & Photo Fest Chair/Co-Chairs


Check back next year to sign up to help with film and photo evaluations

Film/Photo Fest Photography Evaluator Sign-Up

Film Fest Trophy

Further Film Festival Competitions

Have FUN making your film or taking photos for the Alameda County 4-H Film/Photo Fest? Want more opportunities to show your work? Additional competition venues are available. 

Alameda County Fair has youth classes in Photography and information will be available soon at https://annual.alamedacountyfair.com/pdf/2019/exhibits/youth/Youth_Science_&_Technology.pdf

California State 4-H Film Festival*: see the state competition at http://4h.ucanr.edu/4-H_Events/SFD/State_4-H_Film_Festival/

California State 4-H Photography Contest: http://4h.ucanr.edu/4-H_Events/SFD/Photo/

National 4-H Film Festival*: see information on a national competition at http://4h.missouri.edu/filmfest4h/

*Please note: some film competitions require that competitors abide by copyright infringement rules. Pay special attention to rules regarding use of music and images in your films for specific competitions.