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Small Animal Field Day

Alameda County 4-H Small Animal Field Day

10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Sunday, May 5, 2019 at the Alameda County Fairgrounds - Building R



No Poultry* will be allowed to participate in this years

Small Animal Field Day

*Poultry species are defined as: chickens, turkeys, turkins, pheasants, peafowl, guinea fowl, quail, ducks, geese, swans, gallinules, doves, pigeons, grouse, partridges, francolin, tinamou, ostriches, and other ratites (including but not limited to the rhea, emu, and cassowary), and hatching or embryonated eggs.


Booth Set-Up begins at 9:30 am and need to be complete by 11:00 pm
Participant Entry delivery begins at 9:45 and must be received by 10:15 

People are needed to run these contests. If you are interested please contact Krystal Jacobsen at krystaljacobsen@yahoo.com

  • Club/Project Booth Contest
  • Poster Contest
  • Photography Contest
  • Small Animal Dress-Up
  • Rabbit Breed ID
  • Poultry Breed ID
  • Dog Breed ID
  • Cavy Breed ID
  • Dog Medalist Test
  • Rabbit Medalist Test
  • Cavy Knowledge Test
  • Poultry Knowledge Test
  • Rabbit Showmanship Clinic
  • Cavy Showmanship Clinic
  • Rabbit Bowl
  • Dog Bowl
  • Cavy Bowl
  • Craft Table
  • Community Service Activity
  • Door Prizes 

You do not need to be in a Small Animal Project to enter and play the games.

Club/Project Booths Registration is required. Applications accepted until April 19, 2019 

Youth Competitions Pre-Registration until April 19, 2018

*No FOOD SALES on site. Please bring your picnic lunch. Tables will be provided. (This rule is when the event is held on the Fairgrounds)





Register Online


Club/Project Booth SignUp until 4/22/2019

Each club/project is asked to donate 2 gifts for the SAFD Door Prizes.

Participant Registration

Many adult and youth volunteers are needed to make this multi-facetted event the awesome event it is. We are still looking for additional help.






Open to ALL 4-H Members (Do NOT need to be in a Small Animal Project to exhibit or attend)


For More Information

Youth Chair Krystal Jacobsen at krystaljacobsen@yahoo.com





This year the event will be at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton. We will set up in Building R.


Group Booth Contest
Booths will be judged from 11:15-12:00pm. Please have your booth set up and 4-Hers ready to answer the judge's questions by 11:00.

Showmanship Clinic (Rabbits, Cavy)
Your personal animals are not required

Photo Contest, Small Animal Theme
Submit your 8X10 matted photos (no hard frames). The photo MUST have been taken by the photographer entering. Name and club of contestant should be attached to BACK of item. Forms will be provided at check-in.

Poster Contest, Small Animal Theme
Name and club of contestant should be attached to BACK of item. Forms will be provided at check-in.

Small Animal Dress-Up Contest (Cavy, Poultry, Rabbit, Other) No Poultry allowed this year. You may bring stuffed toy poultry for contests.
Rabbits, cavies, chickens and other small animals are invited to dress up with their people and show their stuff. Awards will be given for Funniest, Prettiest, Most Artistic, Most Original and Best Super Hero.

Breed ID and Knowledge Contests
Rabbit, Cavy and Dog Breed ID
Rabbit and Dog Medalist Tests
Cavy and Poultry Knowledge Test

Species Bowls
Rabbit Bowl
Cavy Bowl
Dog Bowl

Door Prizes

Community Service Activity

Craft Tables

Picnic Tables provided but there will be NO food sales on site