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Alameda County 4-H Projects

Alameda County 4-H uses Project based learning. Many Community Clubs offer the same projects and some are unique to the 4-H Club. All youth are encouraged to join the 4-H Community Club that is closest to them. This would be their primary club. They are welcome to take a project from another club called the host club. It is up to the member to find out if there is space available in the host club project.

Club Club project title 4hOnline enrollment System Project Title
Del Arroyo Rocketry Aerospace & Rocketry
Montclair Aerospace and Rocketry Aerospace & Rocketry
Countywide Project All Star Leadership/Ambassador All Star
Oak Town Art/Drawing/Sketching Art/Drawing/Sketching
Crane Ridge   Arts & Crafts
Del Arroyo Arts & Crafts Arts & Crafts
Dublin Simple, Easy, and Fun things to do( all age groups) Arts & Crafts
Emeryville Fairy Doors Arts & Crafts
Oak Town Arts and Crafts Arts & Crafts
Palomares Arts & Crafts Arts & Crafts
Abbie Teen Still Exhibits Arts & Crafts: for Teens
Emeryville Gardening Arts and Crafts  Arts & Crafts: Garden
Del Arroyo Baking & Bread Making Baking and  Breadmaking
Dublin Baking Baking and  Breadmaking
East Hills Baking Baking and  Breadmaking
Abbie Baking Baking and Breadmaking
Bayside   Baking and Breadmaking
Redwood Baking and Breadmaking: cookies Baking and Breadmaking: cookies
Dublin Advanced Baking Baking and Breadmaking:Advanced
Del Arroyo Bees (Beekeeping) Bees
Montclair Bees Bees
Palomares Bees Bees
East Hills Evolution and Genetics Biological Sciences: Genetics
East Hills Birds Biological Sciences: Zoology
Abbie Poultry Birds-Poultry
Crane Ridge   Birds-Poultry
Oak Town Poultry/Backyard Chickens Birds-Poultry
Palomares Birds-Poultry Birds-Poultry
Crane Ridge   Birds-Turkey
Redwood Birds: Poultry Birds: Poultry
Del Arroyo Cake Decorating Cake Decorating
Abbie Beef Cattle - Beef
Crane Ridge   Cattle - Beef
Valley Vista   Cattle: Breeding Beef
Valley Vista   Cattle: Market Beef 
Abbie Cavy Cavies
Del Arroyo Cavies Cavies
Crane Ridge   Clothing & Textiles: Sewing
Del Arroyo Sew Fun (Beginning Sewing) Clothing & Textiles:Beginning Sewing
Dublin Stuffed Animals Clothing & Textiles:Sewing
Oak Town Definitely Not Trending:  Share what you've found in the stream/pod/ blogosphere Communication-Social Media
East Hills World History Research Seminar Communications: 
Abbie Creative Writing Communications: Creative Writing
Dublin Creative writing (9 and below) Communications: Creative Writing
Emeryville Donkey Toes Publishing  Communications: Illustrated Writing
East Hills NaNoWriMo Communications: Writing
Bayside   Communications:Book Club
Dublin Book talk/ discussion - Need to finalize Communications:Book Club
Oak Town Book club Communications:Book Club
East Hills Jane Austen Book Club Communications:Book Club
Abbie Poetry Communications:Poetry
Del Arroyo Communication: Poetry Communications:Poetry
Emeryville Trash Hunters  Community Pride & Community Service
Dublin Scratch programming (9 and below) Computers & Internet: Computer programming/Coding
East Hills Makerspace-Digital Computers & Internet: Computer programming/Coding
Del Arroyo Computers & Internet: Computer Programming/Coding  Computers & Internet: Computer Programming/Coding 
East Hills Digital Art Computers & Internet:Digital Art
Palomares Computers-Website Design Computers-Website Design
Dublin Money Talks, Jr. - for 10-13 yr olds Consumer Education:Money Talks for 10-13 years old
Dublin Money Talks - Financial Literacy for 14 & up. Consumer Education:Money Talks for 14 years old & up
Abbie Acrylics Cultural Arts
East Hills American Girl & Boy History Club Cultural Arts
East Hills Art Cultural Arts
East Hills Conversational French Cultural Arts
East Hills Magical Creature Safari Cultural Arts
East Hills Mystery Project Cultural Arts
Del Arroyo Line Dance Dance: Line
Del Arroyo Square Dance Dance:Square Dance
Abbie Dog Dog
Del Arroyo Dog Care and Training Dog
Redwood Dog: Obedience and Agility Dog Obedience and Agility
Oak Town Dog Care & Obedience Dog-Dog Obedience
Palomares Dog:Care and Obedience with Agility Dog:Care and Obedience with Agility
Dublin Puppetry (If we can not Social Distance) Drama & Theater Arts:Puppetry
East Hills Cosplay/ Costuming Drama and Theatre Arts
East Hills Entomology Entomology
East Hills Environmental Stewardship: Plastics Pollution Environmental Stewardship
Valley Vista Horse (Competition)-Advance Equine - Horse: Advanced Horse
Abbie Horse Equine Horse
Del Arroyo Equine-Horse Equine Horse
Redwood Equine: Horse Equine Horse
Valley Vista Horse (Non-Competition) Equine Horse
Bayside   Fiber Arts
Oak Town Fiber Arts Fiber Arts
Redwood Fiber Arts: Plastic Canvass Fiber Arts:Plastic Canvass
Del Arroyo Drop Spindle Fiber Arts:Spinning
Emeryville Introduction to Weaving Fiber Arts:Weaving
Redwood Yarn Crafts Fiber Arts:Yarn Crafts
Montclair Fishing Fishing and Fly Tying
Oak Town Floral Design Flower Arranging
Montclair Food Preservation and Homesteading Food Preservation
Bayside   Food-Nutrition
East Hills Cooking Around the World Foods
Oak Town Throw-Down/Chopped Dessert Challenges Foods-Cooking/Advaced/Iron Chef/Throw Down
Emeryville Eating Around the World Foods-International
Oak Town Culinary Arts Foods:Advanced
Crane Ridge   Foods:Cooking
Del Arroyo Junk Drawer Engineering General Engineering
Oak Town Beginning Sketchup (model app for making stuff) General Engineering-SketchUp
Abbie Dairy Goats Goats-Dairy
Montclair Goats-Dairy Goats-Dairy
Valley Vista   Goats: Breeding Meat
Abbie Market Goat Goats: Meat
Bayside   Goats: Meat
Crane Ridge   Goats: Meat
Valley Vista   Goats: Meat
Emeryville Intro to Silk Screen and Block Printing  Graphic Arts:Silk Screen Printing
Emeryville Mars Base Camp  Group Determined: STEM Challenge
Palomares Group-Determined Group-Determined
Bayside   Guide Dogs and Service Animals
Abbie Epidemiology Health and Physical Fitness:Epidemiology
Abbie Yoga Health and Physical Fitness:Yoga
Oak Town Yoga Health and Physical Fitness:Yoga
Oak Town Club Game night Hobbies:Game night
Palomares Home & Personal Management: Life Skills Home & Personal Management: Life Skills
Valley Vista   Indoor and Mini Gardens
Oak Town Mini-Gardens Indoor and Mini-Gardens
Abbie Leadership Leadership Development
Bayside   Leadership Development
Valley Vista   Leadership Development
Crane Ridge   Leathercraft
Crane Ridge   Livestock Judging
Valley Vista   Livestock Judging / Quiz Bowl / Skill-a-Thon
Dublin Marine Science - Marine Biology
Redwood Market Goat - Shanda Dellner Market Goat
Redwood Market Sheep - Carole Piddock Market Sheep
Emeryville Biking on the Bay  Outdoor Adventures: Biking
Redwood Outdoor Adventures: Camping Outdoor Adventures: Camping
Bayside   Outdoor Adventures: Hiking
Oak Town Fall Hiking Outdoor Adventures: Hiking
Oak Town Spring Hiking Outdoor Adventures: Hiking
Redwood Outdoor Adventures: Hiking Outdoor Adventures: Hiking
East Hills Bay Area Biking Outdoor Adventures: Hiking
Del Arroyo Pets Small Animals Pets Small Animals
Dublin Photography (9yrs to 13 years) Photography
Oak Town Photography Photography
Palomares Photography Photography
Valley Vista   Preserved Foods 
Palomares Primary Members (Mini Member & Cloverbud) Primary Members (Mini Member & Cloverbud)
East Hills Makerspace-Primary Primary Members (Mini Member & Cloverbud):Makerspace
Montclair Primary Members(Mini Member & Clover Buds) Primary Members(Mini Member & Clover Buds)
Abbie Public Speaking Public Speaking
Dublin Public Speaking Public Speaking
Del Arroyo Public Speaking: Presentations Public Speaking: Presentations
Crane Ridge   Quilting
Abbie Rabbit Rabbits
Crane Ridge   Rabbits
Del Arroyo Rabbit Project Rabbits
Palomares Rabbits Rabbits
Redwood Rabbits Rabbits
Valley Vista   Rabbits 
Oak Town Advanced Rabbit Rabbits-Advanced Rabbit
Oak Town Beginning Rabbit Rabbits-Intermediate and Beginning
Montclair Record Books Record Keeping
Valley Vista   Record Keeping
Palomares Robotics Robotics
Oak Town Environmental Science Science Literacy-Environmental
East Hills Creative Math Science Literacy:Creative Math
Dublin Service Learning Project (13 yrs or older) Service Learning
Emeryville Get Out the Vote  Service Learning
Bayside   Sheep Market
Crane Ridge   Sheep Market
Palomares Sheep Market Sheep Market
Palomares Shooting Sports - Archery Shooting Sports - Archery
East Hills Archery Shooting Sports - Archery
Palomares Shooting Sports - Rifle Shooting Sports - Rifle
Del Arroyo Shooting Sports: Archery Shooting Sports: Archery
Palomares Sign Language Sign Language
Valley Vista   Swine: Breeding
Abbie Swine Swine: Market
Crane Ridge   Swine: Market
Valley Vista   Swine: Market
Oak Town Centerpieces for your table Table Setting
Abbie Vegetable Garden & Crops Vegetable Garden and Crops
East Hills Gilltract Farms Vegetable Gardens and Crops
East Hills Mini Micro Greens Vegetable Gardens and Crops
Del Arroyo Cool Season Vegetable Gardining Vegetable Gardens and Crops: Cool Season
Bayside   Vegetable Gardens and Crops: Gardening
Oak Town Spring Vegie Gardens Vegetable Gardens and Crops: Gardening
Del Arroyo Warm Season Vegetable Vegetable Gardens and Crops: Warm Season
Oak Town Harvesting/Gleaning Vegetable Gardens and Crops:Harvesting/Gleaning
Palomares Veterinary Science Veterinary Science
Oak Town Veterinary Science  Veterinary Science 
Oak Town You-Tube Creations Video Production
East Hills Film Making Fun Video Production
Bayside   Video Projection

Project based learning

All of our 4-H Programs - Clubs, Camps, Military Partnerships, School/Afterschool Programs - offer projects in the following areas: 



nutrition, physical health, safety, mental health



agriculture and life sciences, family and consumer resource management, environmental education, technology, engineering



civic awareness, community service, service-learning, leadership, global citizenship



club officer roles, presentations, leadership conferences and trainings



Project-Based Learning


How does 4-H light your spark


Each year, a 4-H member enrolls in at least one project. Members participating for the first time may be encouraged to take on only one or two projects. As members gain experience, the size or depth of the project may increase or additional projects may be selected. Some project groups meet once a week, while others might meet once or twice a month. The purpose of these meetings is to guide the members in gaining knowledge, attitudes, skills, and habits needed to successfully navigate educational and professional pursuits, and their role as citizens in a complex world.



A 4-H project is:

  • Planned work in an area of interest to the 4-H member.
  • Guided by a 4-H adult volunteer who is the project leader.
  • Aimed at planned objectives that can be attained and measured.
  • Summarized by some form of record keeping.
  • A minimum of six hours of project instruction.

Projects help 4-H members find and nurture their spark.

Sparks are what help youth see the potential within themselves.  Sparking the inner passions, interests and talents of young people that inspire them on the path to thriving is central to youth development work.


If your spark is...

You might be interested in…

How things work

Robotics, Computers, Small Engines, Rocketry, GIS/GPS…

Making a difference in the community

Child Development, Leadership, Community Service, Public Speaking…

Getting fit, staying healthy

Fitness and Sports, Food and Nutrition, Health, Cooking...

Animals and how to care for them

Birds, Cattle, Dogs, Goats, Rabbits, Pigs…

Singing, dancing, painting, pottery

Dance, Photography, Theater Arts, Graphic Arts, Clay Arts…

Shooting sports, hunting

Archery, Rifle, Pistol, Muzzle…

Clothing, interior design, shopping

Textiles, Fashion Revue, Consumer Education…

Gardening, landscaping, farming

Junior Master Gardener, Horticulture, Mini-gardens…

Hiking, nature, the environment

Camping, Astronomy, Fishing, Forestry, Oceanography…


...and much more!

Project availability varies by county and club.

PDF: California 4-H Project List
Word: California 4-H Project List
Spanish PDF: California 4-H Project List (Spanish)
Spanish Word: California 4-H Project List (Spanish)