Online IPM Training for PCAs and Growers Which Can Earn Continuing Education Credits

Jul 9, 2015

Statewide IPM Program staff members work closely with area IPM advisors, farm advisors, specialists, and researchers to develop educational programs that reflect the newest advances in pest management.

These online courses are FREE. Additional training materials, including videos, DVDs, books, and leaflets, are available in the Publications section. Check the Workshops & Events page for in-person presentations and hands-on training opportunities. Many of these training materials can gain Continuing Education Credits through, such organization as the Department of Pesticide Regulation, the Structural Pest Control Board or provide a Certificate of Completion from the University of California.

All of UC IPM's current online training courses can be found here:

More training courses are planned in the future.

In addition to the courses, a number of videos have been created over the years, most of which are short and posted on UC IPM's YouTube channel


You can also find these plus additional videos organized by Ag, Urban, and Spanish on the video library on our web site

The videos don't allow for CEUs, but they can be useful as part of training and learning activities.