International Citrus Conference Holds Hope and Collaboration

Oct 21, 2016

The International Citrus Conference was just held and about 1,500 people came from all over the world to share their experiences and research in citrus.  It included marketers, growers, government officials and researchers who all had citrus as their interest.  It was remarkable the volume of information, everything from world production figures and marketing, new varieties, breeding technology, plant diseases and pests, water management and of course HLB and ACP, probably the two most fearsome world-wide problems. 

On the whole it was most hopeful to realize how much has been accomplished in the last several years to deal with the threat of HLB.  The biology of ACP is better understood in different situations, the disease progression in different citrus species is being recognized as being more or less aggressive, and how to manage the insect and disease are better understood.  Unfortunately, new threats (however none as mush as HLB) are being identified, such as citrus longhorn beetle.  Oh, my.

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