Where Is HLB? Where is ACP? In California?

Aug 27, 2019

The Asian Citrus Psyllid Distribution and Management Site provides you with a zoomable map to view psyllids, HLB, Psyllid Management areas, parasite releases and management information.  But if you are on the go, and would like to simply see on your phone where HLB infected trees are in relation to your orchard, you can use the HLB Grower App.  It's a web-based app found by entering ucanr.edu/hlbgrowerapp into your phone browser, which you can then bookmark for future reference.  The HLBgrowerApp provides a zoomable map or address bar to locate your orchard.  When you click on the location of the orchard, it creates a circle around that point on the map and tells you if the orchard is more than or less than 5 miles from a known HLB infection.  It also provides you with a link to the voluntary grower response plan posted on the CitrusInsider website.  The voluntary grower response plan talks about what you can do to intensify protection against psyllids and HLB as the disease approaches your region.   

Scan for the HLB App:

hlb scan


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