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What's Wrong with My Citrus?????????????

Hats Off.

The Orange County Master Gardeners have lived up to their name with their website information on citrus. It's a truly impressive information site for not only homeowners, but also growers:

The “Citrus Problem Diagnosis Chart” is especially work perusing:

Orange County logo
Orange County logo

citrus and mountains
citrus and mountains

Posted on Wednesday, June 14, 2017 at 3:22 PM
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Hot Off the Digital Presses - 2017 HLB Conference

The proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Huanglongbing (IRCHLB V) is now published, available and citable online through the Journal of Citrus Pathology:

Included are:

Meeting Agenda

Published Abstracts

Joseph (Josy) M. Bové - Selected Photos

Joseph (Josy) M. Bové Dedication

Tribute to Prof. Dr. Joseph Bové


If you download the Bové Dedication pdf file, there is a link near the top of page 3 that will redirect you to the video interview of Prof. Bové.  This is the video that we could not show during the meeting due to audiovisual technical difficulties.  You must download the pdf for the link to be active.  The link is not active when simply viewing the publication online. 


The keynote speakers are working on their contributions.  These will be available shortly and we will send another email announcement when they become available as well. 

sIn the bottom left corner is the Search box for finding authors and topics of the abstracts.


ICC picture
ICC picture

Posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 at 5:57 AM
Tags: acp (86), asian citrus psyllid (57), citrus (339), conference (4), disease (57), grapefruit (27), hlb (71), huanglongbing (66), lemon (100), mandarin (68), orange (69), pests (25), pummelo (3)

'Valentine' - a new pummelo hybrid

In the last two decades, many distinctive citrus selections have become available at retail markets in the US.  These include cultivars such as 'Cara Cara' navel orange, 'Cocktail' pummelo-mandarin hybrid, 'Variegated Pink' lemon, 'Seedless Kishu' mandarin and 'Buddha's Hand' citron.  Among specialty ctirus growers, there is intense interesst in acquiring  nev varieties with novel or unusual chracteristics of appearance, coloration, flavor, size and functional properties.

The newly released pummelo hybrid 'Valentine', combines the large size and low acidity from its pummelo parent, complex, floral taste from 'Dancy' mandarin and juicy red pulp from 'Ruby hybrid.  It matures in mid-February near the Valentine's holiday and when it is cut lengthwise and turned upside down, the flesh of the fruit resembles a vibrant red heart.  It is unique in being a grapefruit-like fruit with anthocyanin pigmentation, which is a potential marketing advantage at a time when many anitoxidant-rich fruits, such as pomegranate, bleuberry and blackberry, have seen sales increase because of their percieved health benefits.

Learn more about this new fruit and other citrus in the UC Variety Collection at:

Valentine pummelo
Valentine pummelo

Posted on Friday, May 24, 2013 at 7:27 AM
  • Author: Toni Siebert, Ottillia Bier, David Karp, Georgios Vidalakis and Tracy Kahn
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