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Android Email Setup

Add your UCDAVIS.edu email to your Android device:

Important: Because of the variety of Android devices, the following steps are only a general guide and may slightly differ for your Android device.

  • Find and click the 'Menu' button on your device
  • Find and select the 'Email Application'
  • Fine the application settings and select 'Add Account'
  • Select 'Microsoft Exchange'. Your device may list it as 'Active Sync', 'Corporate', or simply 'Exchange'. Enter your full UCDAVIS email (example@ucdavis.edu) and Kerberos passphrase.
  • Please ensure the following settings are correct:
    • Username: your full UC Davis Email (example@ucdavis.edu)
    • Server: m.outlook.com
    • Domain: ucdavis.edu
  • Make sure that your passphrase is correct
  • Click Next and name your account.