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Office 365 Migration Help Center

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. My Office has a slow internet connection. Will I be able to use Office 365?
    1. Yes. Office 365 will be the same experience using OWA.
  2. Am I required to use the online applications,or can I continue using my desktop applications?
    1. The Microsoft Office application on your computer will continue to work as normal and will not be affected by the upgrade. The online versions that come with Office 365 are for convenience and are optional.
  3. I access my email using my phone or tablet. Will the upgrade to Office 365 affect my device?
    1. You will need to update your device settings to continue using email on your device. Please refer to Configure Your Tablet / Mobile Device for instructions. (http://ucanr.edu/sites/anroffice365project/Configure_your_Tablet___Mobile_Device)
  4. How does the Office 365 upgrade impact Mac users?
    1. The MS Office applications on your Mac will not be affected by the upgrade. You will also have access to the online versions of the same products at https://365.ucdavis.edu.
  5. Will I lose any of my emails, contacts, or calendars?
    1. You will NOT lose any data.
  6. Will the way I access Outlook be different?
    1. You can continue accessing your email through the Outlook client installed on your computer. Just enter your UCDAVIS email account and Kerberos passphrase when prompted the morning after the upgrade. If you are using OWA (online web application), you will have to login through https://365.ucdavis.edu.
  7. I use OWA. Will I continue to accessOWA same way?
    1. OWA users will now have to login through https://365.ucdavis.edu.

Visit Microsoft's Office 365's Learning Center to watch video tutorials.

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